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Steve Lewis's Articles
Steve Lewis
Member since Sep 14 2016

Steve has been interested in all things mechanical since he was old enough to crawl. Growing up he ravaged on many bikes, trikes, big wheels, lawn mowers, and anything else with wheels. By the time he was 12, he had already rebuilt his first engine and was working on rebuilding his first car - a 1963-1/2 Ford Galaxy 500 XL. At 16, he had moved into drag racing, street racing, and track racing. At 28, he got his first taste of dirt track racing, and he continued that on and off for years. He is currently building a Big Block Powered 1976 Chevrolet Laguna S3 to return to drag racing. In between work and racing, Steve enjoys attending car shows and races. He write articles about the places he's been, people he's met, and the things he's seen.

Steve Lewis's Articles

Learn how to install and properly tune brakes with an adjustable proportioning valve block.
Broken exhaust studs are a common problem. This article describes what you need and how to remove a broken stud from an exhaust manifold. Learn how simple it is to remove broken or stubborn studs with a Titan Tools stud extractor tool.
Plumbing a fluid system can sometimes be frustrating. In this article, Steve walks you through a brake line installation with pro tips to get the job done right.
Learn how to use a windshield remover tool to assist with in-depth builds. A step-by-step guide to windshield removal.
Follow these easy step by step metal valve stem installation instructions. Steel bolt in valve stems are a more reliable way to keep the air in your tires.
Learn how to safely remove window moldings on your classic car using a Windshield Molding Removal Tool. These tips will ensure a smooth removal process.
Here is something for everyone's toolbox! Follow Steve as he demonstrates the versatility of Speedway Motors' very handy Wheel Bolt Pattern Tool.
Steve provides a step-by-step guide to install the Speedway Motors GM 10-Bolt Polished Finned Aluminum Rear End Cover.
Steve replaces the factory GM 8.5" 10-bolt rear end on his '76 Chevrolet Laguna S3 with a GM 10 & 12 bolt bolt-on rear disc brake kit.
Steve explains the process of installing Speedway calipers.
Learn how replace lower and upper rear control arms. Read up on racer Steve's A-body control arm replacement and the bushings included kit he recommends.
Speedway Motors employee Steve upgraded the trailing arms on his 1976 Chevrolet Laguna with some spherical bushings.
Speedway Motors employee Steve is back to work on his 1976 Chevrolet Laguna, this time installing a QA1 Coilover kit in his front suspension.
Speedway Motors employee Steve L. takes a few minutes to talk about the various straight axle and radius rod options available at Speedway Motors.
Speedway Motors employee Steve talks about a few options available at Speedway to help take some of the mystery out of finding the right wheel and tire combination to fit your project.
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