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EXTENDED!     $20 off $299 $40 off $599 $60 off $899 $80 off $1199     Promo: HAPPY    Expires: 7/26/20
$20 off $299 $40 off $599 $60 off $899 $80 off $1199
EXTENDED!   Promo: HAPPY    Expires: 7/26/20
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Dalton Johnson's Articles
Dalton Johnson
Member since Mar 20 2018
Dalton's family has owned sprint cars his entire life, so it was only necessary to start racing go karts at the age of 6, and he hasn't looked back since. In 2012, Dalton got into micro sprint ranks and three years later moved up to 305 and 360 sprint cars. In 2016, he went to work for the Blazin’ Racin Team, honing his skills. Since, he has driven for a couple different car owners in the 360 ranks, but hasn’t had a personal car out yet. Dalton started working as an Open Wheel Tech at Speedway Motors in 2017, and he tries to get out and race with a team whenever the opportunity arises. If he is not racing, you can find him at a racetrack somewhere in the Midwest, helping out friends or just enjoying the action. Aside from racing, a couple of his favorite hobbies are golf and bowling.

Dalton Johnson's Articles

by Dalton Johnson - Posted in Tech
Dalton discusses a few great safety features that we offer for our customers here at Speedway Motors . We have what you need to remain safe in your race car.
by Dalton Johnson - Posted in Tech
What can sprint car wings do? Wings help cars go faster, handle better and add safety. Find out how sprint car wings are constructed, the concept behind down force and the sprint car wing adjustments you are allowed to make while at the track.
by Dalton Johnson - Posted in Tech
Learn what goes into setting the fuel for your engine and how to change the density altitude, ADR, main pill and high speed pressure to optimize a/f ratio.
by Dalton Johnson - Posted in Tech
Learn some of the tips and tricks when it comes to racing tires. These tips will help you not only get your power down into the racetrack, but some may also help your tires last longer.
by Dalton Johnson - Posted in Tech
One of the most important parts of your racing operation is the engine. This article gives a detailed overview on how to maintain your engine to get the most out of it for as long as possible. Also learn some tips to prolong the life of your engine.