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Alex Owen's Articles
Alex Owen
Member since Jan 16 2018

Alex began his career with Speedway Motors in 2016 as a Tech in Customer Experience. Today, Alex works as an eCommerce Content Specialist in Quality Control.

When Alex looks back, it’s easy to see why racing is his number one passion. His dad and stepbrothers all raced, and he grew up building their race cars, crewing on race day, and dreaming about his building his own someday.

In 2005, he could finally start racing karts. Over five years in carts, he racked up multiple Top-5 & Top-10 points placements, Top-5 finishes, and 10 outright wins.

Kart Stats: 2005: 0 wins, 5 top 5 finishes. 2006: 1 win, 12 top 5 finishes. (4th in points in Jr. 1 Heavy at Thunderlake Speedway) 2007: 2 wins. 20 top 5 finishes. (3rd in points in both Jr. 1 Lite/Heavy at Thunderlake Speedway) 2008: 4 Wins. 40 Top 5 finishes. (2nd in points in both Jr. 2 Lite/Heavy at Thunderlake Speedway) 2009: 2 Wins. 10 Top 5 finishes (top 10 in points in 4 classes with the Mid America National Series) 2010: 1 Win. (top 10 in points in 4 classes with the Mid America National Series) Mid-America National Series (2008-2010). 2 Top 5 finishes with the series and multiple top 10 in points with the series as well

After five years of kart racing, Alex moved up to a Micro Sprint. Four years later, he took over the operations of his own racing team. In 2016, he built a brand new Stallard SST and achieved an A-Main Starter spot at the Outlaw Nationals at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2019, he won the preliminary at Showdown in the Bean Town, and finished 2nd in the main event.

Micro Sprint Stats: 2011: 1 win, 15 top 5 finishes. 2012-2014: 0 wins, 30 top 5 finishes. 2015: 1 win, 12 top 5 finishes. 2016: 0 wins, top 5 finish at the Short Track Nationals at English Creek Speedway in Knoxville, IA. A-main Starter at the Outlaw Nationals at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, OK. 2017: 0 wins, 8 top 5 finishes at KAM Raceway in Hastings, NE. 2018: 2 wins, 15 top 5 finishes. (3rd in points at KAM Raceway) 2019: 4 wins, 20 top 5 finishes. (Showdown in the Bean Town prelim winner, finished 2nd in the main event) (4th in points at KAM Raceway) 2020: 2 wins, 22 top 5 finishes. (3rd in points at KAM Raceway)

Alex has also made time to crew for and learn from drivers Riley Kreisel and Frank Galusha. Throughout his racing career, Alex received sponsorships from Advantec Dyno Services, Dave Sanders Engines, AMAN Motorsports and Andrew Felker Graphix.

Alex Owen's Articles

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