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Alex Owen's Articles
Alex Owen
Member since Jan 16 2018
Alex grew up racing NASCAR toy cars in his parent’s living room dreaming of being a race car driver. He started racing go karts at the age of 10 and raced karts across the country on a national tour for many years. At the age of 16 Alex moved up to a micro sprint and to this day races at several local tracks and on a national level. He also became the soul owner of his race team at the age of 19 and built a new race car on determination, heart, and a passion to race. He spends a lot of his time traveling to races with his buddies to offer his help and learn as much as possible about micro sprints, midgets, and sprint cars. He loves this sport and is always willing to help other drivers in need.

Alex Owen's Articles

by Alex Owen - Posted in Tech
Steps to cleaning a micro sprint chain after a race. Read about the importance of maintaining a clean, well-lubricated chain for longevity and enhanced power.
by Alex Owen - Posted in Tech
Read a step by step on how to grease your bearings after racing and the importance of bearing maintenance through out race season.
by Alex Owen - Posted in Tech
Learn a clean and simple process for flushing brake fluid from a micro sprint brake system and why it is important for top performance. Read tips on how to flush the water system, motor oil, fuel, and brake fluid.
by Alex Owen - Posted in Videos
Alex Owen has been racing for the last 15 years. The racing community has become his second family. Watch behind the scenes of what it takes to race micro sprints.
by Alex Owen - Posted in Tech
The benefit of using adjustable shocks and why the CSI cockpit shock adjuster assembly is the most precise on the market. Find out more on how this product works and why it's important to fine tune your shocks at the track.
by Alex Owen - Posted in Tech
The benefits of the Micro Sprint Billet Wing Actuator Adapter and how to install it on your car.