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What is a race car window net? A car window net is a safety device that covers an open window in a competition style vehicle. A window net keeps the driver’s body, head and hands inside the vehicle in the event of a crash or rollover, or any instance that any part of the driver could be forced outside the window, such as side impacts, etc. Consider a window net as a mandatory safety item.

It’s an inexpensive item to install on your race car, rock crawler, or off road 4x4. Many drivers have had their lives saved by them, and they have prevented countless injuries over their years of use. One of the other key features of a race car window net, is that they can help keep debris from entering the vehicle during a race. You can well imagine the importance of not being pelted by clods of dirt, or even car components that result from crashes and spills that take place on the race track. Window nets are cheap insurance to help keep you safe.

Window nets are generally made up of a heavy duty mesh often comprised of polypropylene ribbon webbing and nylon thread. These materials are double tough and resist tearing and are up to task when impacts take place at high speeds.

Window nets, or driver nets, can be found in NASCAR, USAC, Sprint Cup, IMCA,  and WISSOTA racing vehicles, just to name a few. These life saving safety devices can also be used in other sports such as go-karting, drag racing, off-road racing and demolition derby.

Window nets, race car window nets, window net, whatever term you use are generally produced in a mesh style or a ribbon style. Attachment of the window net frame to the roll cage is usually a spring loaded style or a push button, or a latch and link Grand National mechanism. Some drivers prefer spring loaded release while others prefer the push button release mechanism. Window nets are removed when entering or exiting a race car. “Spring loaded” or “Push Button'' and “Latch and Link”  are terms to describe how the window net detaches from the car when you get in and out of the car. If you are unsure what type you want or need, it’s always good to check with your race sanctioning body, or call and chat with one of Speedway Motor’s friendly race car techs. Speedway Motors has many years of experience selling window nets and many of our employees use them every weekend on their own race cars.

Many or most major race sanctioning bodies require S.F.I ratings on the window net you install in your car. Speedway Motors offers a vast array of window nets in SFI 27.1, and SFI 37.1 certifications as well as non SFI window nets. Window nets are available in many different colors to match your car. Choose window nets from blue, red, yellow, black, purple, orange or white. You can purchase a window net in our own Speedway Motors brands, or choose quality names like Finish Line, Simpson or Crow Safety Gear. When you are ready to put window nets into your sprint car, quarter midget, hobby stock, modified, or whatever your needs may be! We’ve got you covered!