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Wheel spacers can take many forms and perform different functions for you and your favorite ride. By design and theory, they tend to be some of the least complex parts finding their way onto cars in today's world. However, there still seems to be some confusion throughout car culture on what wheel spacers actually do and why they can drastically improve the ride of your car or truck.


Wheel spacers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Spacers are almost always constructed of steel or aluminum depending on the intended application. They have one job - to be able to adjust the centerline of your wheel in relation to the mounting hub surface. Wheel spacers provide simple, easy suspension setup tuning and adjustment.


By changing the location of the wheel you can make room for a larger tire, which results in better grip and traction. By spacing your wheels out further, you are also increasing the track width, which will improve the handling characteristics of your car or truck. Wheel spacers are often beneficial when trying to gain clearance for a big brake setup or a larger tire size. In racing applications, wheel spacers are used to set up a cars suspension characteristics by track condition and track layout to change how the car reacts as it makes its way around the track.


Aside from the performance benefits, wheel spacers also provide a variety of aesthetic benefits too. You can mate your favorite set of wheels regardless of what offset they are to your favorite car or truck. Wheel adapter/spacers go a step further by adapting a new bolt pattern to your existing mounting hub, so your wheel and tire combinations are not limited to one certain bolt pattern. With wheel spacers from names you can trust like AFCO, Eibach, and Wilwood - the options are truly endless when hunting for all the ways to improve the handling of your ride, update to a newer style wheel and tire package or making crucial setup changes to secure your place in victory lane!