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What are the top highlight bolts on parts for any engine? We would say valve covers are close to the top of the list. Why would that be? Because they are easy to install, can be done in minutes, and instantly improve the appearance of your engine compartment. It is easy to see why so many people choose bolt-on custom valve covers for their vehicles.

Valve covers are a great choice if you’re thinking about a bolt-on mod for your engine. You can usually get them installed in minutes or even seconds, and they won’t break the bank either. If you like the idea of improving the appearance of your engine bay with little to no effort, these are probably worth considering.

Before entertaining the idea that valve covers are just for looks, think again. Valve covers serve many purposes on an engine, and in a performance engine, that becomes very important. Let’s say you’re thinking about adding roller rockers. Well, those rockers won’t work with the stock valve covers as they usually don’t allow clearance. The valve covers also keep oil from going places it shouldn’t and provide a home for necessary engine breathers, a place to fill the engine with oil and sometimes provide a home for the pcv valve.

When it comes to performance and racing valve covers, Speedway Motors is your go-to Speed Shop. Engine models we carry custom SBC valve covers for? Well, let’s rattle off a few: small block Chevy valve covers, big block Ford, small block Ford, Hemi valve covers, Y block Ford valve covers, big block Chevy valve covers, Oldsmobile valve covers. Chevy LS valve covers, Mopar valve covers, etc... Okay that’s enough, but you can bet that’s not all we have.

Now we have to talk about the many styles of valve covers you can get: chrome valve covers, tall valve covers, aluminum valve covers, finned aluminum valve covers, sheet metal valve covers, fabricated valve covers, valve covers in black, polished valve covers, flamed valve covers, script valve covers. Again, we have to stop, because this article will end up looking like the L.A. phone book if we don’t.

Speedway Motors offers valve covers from Edelbrock, Offenhauser, Spectre, Holley, OTB Gear, Moroso, and many other brands including valve covers we make ourselves!

When it comes to the most popular hot rod engine ever built, the small block Chevy, the combinations are endless. SBC valve covers are available in tall, or short, finned or plain, black or red, just about every style imaginable. Heck, we even sell valve covers that make your small block Chevy valve covers look like an early Olds Rocket V-8. SBC chrome valve covers are a no-brainer to get if you are contemplating trying to even clean a set of old greasy stock valve covers. They are so inexpensive, why would you even bother scrubbing and painting those old ugly stockers? We even keep Chevy chrome valve covers and aluminum for both center bolt heads and early perimeter bolt styles.

Since you are on the prowl for valve covers, don’t forget the necessities and accessories to go with them. You will need quality valve cover gaskets, valve cover bolts, or hold downs, valve cover breathers, pcv valves, and last but not least, a little silicone sealer. Speedway Motors has been selling custom and racing valve covers since we opened in 1952. Make sure your ride stays Speedway Motors equipped!