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From humble beginnings to establishing themselves as a global brand, Turbosmart is well on track to lead the future in turbo technology. Furthermore, Turbosmart products are designed and built for both track and street applications. They engineer, design and manufacture high-performance competitive turbo accessories that are both intelligent and durable. More importantly, Turbosmart high-quality products prolong the life of turbocharged vehicles. Their vision is to be the most sought after product across the world for forced induction vehicle modifications.

Turbosmart is an Australian company that began small and has now become a giant in the automotive aftermarket industry. Their products offer high-performance, durability, and intelligence. Turbosmart continues to be a leader in anti-lag technology. Turbosmart has a reputation of pushing the boundaries and exceeding expectations that forced induction technology can offer. Their engineering teams have pushed the performance benefits further than most would think possible. Through research, design, manufacturing and marketing they push to be at the forefront of global development.

Turbosmart provides innovative products for turbocharged vehicle modifications, direct-replacement turbo upgrades and gauges for monitoring the performance of your vehicle. With their unwavering goal to provide the best and most efficient performance-based accessories at an affordable price, Turbosmart USA has experienced a rapid increase in popularity.

Turbochargers use the energy in exhaust gas to compress incoming air. To take full advantage of turbocharging you need control over engine load, correct boost levels and a smooth power delivery to the wheels. Turbosmart precision engineered sophisticated accessories are designed to provide this level of control, bringing the technology inside your vehicle. Turbosmart delivers performance-backed peace of mind.

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