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Tuff Stuff is one of the premier manufacturers in the accessories market. Since 1979, they having been making a name for themselves creating high performance alternators, winches, and water pumps, among countless other performance accessory parts. 

Tuff Stuff is the only business of its kind in the world that offers every finish available from powder coating to polishing. They’ve built a network of experts in other machining operations, plating, and polishing who are available for hire. Tuff Stuff does everything from fabrication to assembly. Each job is a custom project, providing an opportunity for our personal service to shine. 

Balancing performance, efficiency and style is what we do. Each part must be designed so that it functions perfectly with other parts and pieces to make an engine run better, last longer, and look great. This is the art of engineering and from their point of view there is nothing more exciting than an order for a complete engine or transmission, where every component was manufactured by Tuff Stuff! 

Since their humble beginnings when we made alternators and water pumps, they have gone on to produce a wide variety of accessories for motorsports, off-road racing, retrofitting vehicles, and even marine usage. Tuff Stuff is as well known for their quality as they are for our brutal testing, and no matter what you're getting from them, it's going to help you get the job done right. 

Tuff Stuff is committed to leading the aftermarket industry in innovation and design, offering you stylish and practical accessories that power your vehicle. When their customers want to have a unique vehicle, they choose our specialty services. We can protect any surface with special coatings, such as chrome finished parts. They put old-fashioned craftsmanship into every job they do. 

When it comes to hot rods and custom cars, there is no substitute for quality. Tuff Stuff’s ranks have decades of experience in manufacturing accessory components that will last. If you need an engine coating for your car, something special for the exhaust, carburetors or even water pumps, Tuff Stuff can help create something that is one of kind. 

Tuff Stuff has been manufacturing high quality custom machine parts, fabricated metal components, and custom decorative finishes for car enthusiasts and professionals since 1979. It has been their lifelong passion to work with these materials and we have done so to the highest standards of quality and service. Tuff Stuff offers a wide range of products and services for hot rod builders, professional restorers, fabricators, custom car builders, industrial designers/manufacturers throughout the world, amateur enthusiasts and more. 

When you buy Tuff Stuff parts, you can rest assured that you are paying for an extremely high-quality and worthwhile component. The Tuff Stuff team has made it their mission to bring the consumer market chrome and coated parts that will last the life of any project.  

Whether you are restoring an old beast, or starting from scratch on your vintage-style hot rod, Tuff Stuff has the catalog to make your ride look and perform its best. 

As partners in your passion, the experts at Speedway Motors have carefully selected the foremost parts from legendary brands, as well as innovative solutions from emerging manufacturers. Not only is Speedway Motors a leading Tuff Stuff dealer, we're also #1 in customer service. Since 1952, Speedway Motors has partnered with top brands like Tuff Stuff to help auto enthusiasts and racers build their best cars and live their best moments. Whether your passion is style or performance, Tuff Stuff products & Speedway Motors are on your team to make it happen. What’s more, every Tuff Stuff part we offer is backed by 3 generations of automotive expertise to help you build it right the first time. Count on Tuff Stuff parts for sale from Speedway Motors, the premier Tuff Stuff store, to deliver on our promise of high-quality products at an affordable price.