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For some of us, it is the family tradition to carry on; for others it is the classic stylings of the past that we wish to preserve. No matter what inspires you, Speedway Motors fuels your passion to continue the tradition and express your unique style. There's no denying American culture has been shaped by the cars and trucks of the past, such as the elegant, artistic style of the 30's and 40's, the slab-sided, finned and trimmed designs of the 50's, or the edgy, powerful shapes of the 60's. Whatever gets your gears turning, Speedway Motors is proud to offer a variety of specialty automotive parts and tools, as well as expert tech advice, to help you preserve your piece of history. Finish the project that defines your own unique style and carry on the hot rod tradition for the next generation.

Custom cars & performance are embedded into our DNA. Many of us seek to fulfill our automotive destiny by doing it the old fashion way; take what we can find and work it over until it shines. All you need is ambition, some tools and some aftermarket car parts websites.

Customizing you cars appearance, or improving its performance, means you are going to be delving into an ocean of aftermarket performance parts. It’s a jungle out there. Buying aftermarket performance car parts can be difficult. We've prepared some tips on how to get started.

How to Custom Build a Car

First things are first. You have to make a list, and break your car project down. If your car project is already in good shape, but just needs maybe an interior upgrade, or engine refresh, that’s a bit simpler to accomplish. No matter the scope of your project, you have to get it organized. Here is some advise:

  • Make an outline of your project plans in a planner notebook
  • Make some drawings on the floor and come up with some actual dimensions
  • Build the frame and source the axles, steering & suspension pieces; add brakes wheels and tires to create a rolling chassis
  • Fabricate and/or repair the body, fixing any rust or dents before painting the car and installing trim
  • Attach the body to the frame, afterwards running necessary plumbing, electrical and weatherstrip
  • Rebuild the engine, or source a crate engine, and transmission; install as a single unit
  • Add vital fluids to braking, cooling, engine, and driveline systems

Ideas for Car Accessories

Not everybody out there is building a car from scratch. Many of you might be working on a Pro-Touring muscle car, making a statement with a Rat Rod, waxing nostalgic with a Gasser build, or designing a Lead Sled or '60s Custom that really turns heads. Some might be simply improving the stance of their car with a lowering kit or improving how it handles with an IFS kit. No matter what your project is, the rules remain the same. You must quantify your project and identify the aftermarket performance car parts you need to get it done. 

Where to Buy Performance Parts

Your quest for finding the correct aftermarket performance parts will probably start with you looking on your phone or computer. You might be drawn to something you saw on an online marketplace or at a salvage yard online. There are many, many places to get custom auto accessories and unique aftermarket parts, but you have trust who you buy from. Knowing the condition and history of used parts is also important.

Are Aftermarket Parts Safe

When it comes to custom car parts, it pays dividends to deal with experts who specialize in aftermarket auto accessories. Buying from companies who design, manufacture, and test their own custom car parts is wise. Also, be sure to buy from aftermarket performance parts suppliers who offer service after the sale. Finally, consider buying from established businesses who have a reputation for for treating their customers right.

If your quest for car nirvana requires that you buy aftermarket performance parts, then why not do it headache free? Speedway Motors offers one of the broadest selections of custom auto accessories in the world. Our distribution network is huge, so you're just a click away from auto parts near me. We offer lightning fast delivery on unique aftermarket parts, and most importantly, we have the best service after the sale in the industry. Our dedicated staff knows their craft. You can order over the phone, right here from one of the the best aftermarket car parts websites.