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One of the oldest forms of dirt track racing, Stock Car racing is popular all across the US. Stock Car racing is an adrenaline packed, full-contact form of circle track racing. The intense competition can take a toll on your car. Speedway Motors is here to help you put things back together after a rough weekend of racing with our large selection of Stock Car parts and racing accessories, all with fast shipping and expert tech advice.

The time is at hand, and there’s a stir across the land. The anticipation is high and the drama will be real, as Stock Cars all around the country scrape, scratch and trade paint, going for the checkered flag. When we think of Stock Cars, not only do we think of the icons of the sport like Petty, Earnhardt, Stewart, Gordon, or Johnson, we also think of our neighbor next door, or our sons and daughters, because it’s highly likely that they’ll be going for the checkered flag soon at your home town track.

Stock Car racing is one of the most prevalent forms of motorsports anywhere. The roots run deep - organized Stock Car racing took place long before World War II. The humble beginnings of these cars were every day coupes and sedans, like a '40 Ford powered by a souped up Flathead V8. As time progressed into the '50s, the heat became hotter, new overhead valve V8s and the Big 3 threw their hats into the ring. As a result, Stock Car racing became a smashing success. Not only was it highly recognized at the big national tracks, small home town tracks sprang up everywhere. Fairgrounds throughout the country featured Stock Car racing every weekend. People everywhere joined in racing their own cars or watching from the stands to see this spectacle of man and machine.

Today, stock car racing is more popular than ever. Here’s a short list of the different kinds of Stock Cars you’ll likely see racing in your area on any given weekend:

  • IMCA Stock Car parts for Great Plains and Western regions
  • Wissota Street Stock parts for North Central region
  • UMP Stock Car parts for Midwest, Eastern and Southeastern regions
  • USRA Stock Car parts for Midwest and South Central regions

This is just a short list of some of the sanctioning bodies who sponsor organized Stock Car racing. For exact rules and regulations on dirt track Stock Car racing parts, be sure to check your local track.

Most dirt Stock Car parts consist of a mid-size sedan (typically a coupe body) like the ever-popular Chevrolet Monte Carlo, a modified V8 small block, and other parts that retain the factory stock appearance. The differences between various sanctioning bodies and classes can be minor or major, depending upon the rules. For instance, in IMCA Stock Car, one can build an engine of about any size and compression, but you are limited to a 350 cfm carburetor. Or you can choose a smaller 361 ci limit engine with 9.0:1 compression and and a larger 500 cfm carb. In other classes, like Wissota Street Stock, the engines are smaller and are restricted in allowed modifications, while the car suspensions are amazingly stock. The Stock Car parts required to build any of these cars are easy to find and they are quite affordable.

If you are eager to get your Stock Car on the track, Speedway Motors is here to help you get the job done. Our supply of Stock Car parts is vast, and affordably priced, so you can have tons of fun without breaking the bank. The many Stock Car parts offered range from body panels, roll cages, engine parts, wheels, axles and differentials, radiators, safety gear, tools, and so much more. When you are in desperate need of dirt Stock Car parts, you can feel good knowing it's as easy as clicking a button. 

Speedway Motors has been supplying Stock Car parts longer than most. We know that it’s more than just a Midwestern or even national phenomena. It’s world-wide. That’s why we are dedicated to providing Stock Car parts for all the major sanctioning bodies in the USA. If you need Wissota Street Stock parts, IMCA Stock Car parts, UMP Stock Car parts or USRA Stock Car parts, count on Speedway Motors parts to make racing safe, fun and affordable.