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Sparco is one of the leading manufacturers of competition sport seats and racing equipment for professional race car drivers, teams and manufacturers. Sparco products are designed and engineered with focus on racing experience, performance and quality.  

Sparco seats are characterized by more than just innovative designs that make them unique. Their high quality is also part of the fascination surrounding these seats and equipment. The great attention to detail in the selection of materials, in their processing, and in their assembly, contributes to making each product unique. In addition to their seats, Sparco's protective gear has made a name for the company by holding up in the most demanding of conditions whiel keeping drivers safe and in control of their vehicles.

Since 1977, Sparco has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality racing seats for the ultimate driving experience. Their seats were originally used and approved by Formula One teams, which is a testament to their quality. Made in Italy, each Sparco seat is manufactured with the best materials and built to last. Since then, Sparco has created an incredibly impressive lineup of essential racing gear like racing suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, and more.

The cockpit is the heart of every car. Comfort, functionality and safety of the driver and passenger are vital for top performance. Sparco designs top quality sport seats and race equipment that allow you to drive even at the maximum for an extended period. Their passion is about racing and creating high end products to meet the needs of all drivers. 

Sparco is famous for more than just their stunning design. It’s the high quality of construction, smooth lines, and flawless finishes that make each seat distinct. One of the most respected names in racing seat manufacturers, Sparco enjoys a special place in the hearts of performance enthusiasts. Since 1977, their seats have undergone rigorous testing and are ready to take on the harshest driving conditions. 

With a company name that’s synonymous with racing hardware, it’s no wonder professional drivers choose Sparco time and again. Sparco performance seats and protective gear are engineered for the endurance of race circuits to endure drivers’ demanding driving styles. 

Sparco is a leader in the automotive seating industry. They focus on safety, comfort, and style to build their products; they bring this addiction to safety and comfort to their racing suits, gloves, and shoes. Sparco has the most expertise in safety and comfort. They have the technology to make sure drivers are safe at all times. Sparco seats are used in professional racing series around the world, they will certainly deliver the product you need for your next project or race car. 

Sparco is a leader in the automotive industry. They are focused on safety, comfort, and style to build their products. The Sparco name means quality and technology with style. With the newest developments in safety, Sparco makes sure that drivers are safe at all times. Sparco is a brand that produces innovative, high-quality automotive seating products with a focus on safety and performance. Sparco designs, tests, and manufactures seats to meet the rigorous demands of motorsport. Their pedigree in motorsport can also be found in numerous touring cars, GTs, and rally cars. Sparco has the most expertise in comfort through their extensive experience in motor sport as well as their in-house R&D facility. 

For decades, Sparco has been the seat and gear of choice for winning motorsports. You’ll find that their seats, helmets, gloves, suits, and shoes are technologically driven, ergonomically designed, and perfectly matched to the demands of motorsport competition. Sparco’s history is your assurance. 

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