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Simpson's mission is to enhance the enjoyment of racing and riding sports for participants, spectators and viewers, in safety. They achieve this by designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing motorsports safety equipment; supporting events with marketing activities; producing on-site media; and contributing to grass roots programs. Simpson dedicates itself to constant innovation, improvement and satisfaction of customer expectations. Team Simpson is proud of their many decades in business, our success as the most winning independent helmet supplier in motorsports history, and a reputation as an industry leader. 

Simpson Race Products has a rich racing history and was established in 1959. Back then, founder Bill Simpson began his business designing the first ever drag racing parachute to be used in racing, an incredible achievement for the racing wrold as a whole. Simpson now makes helmets, Nomex fire suits, restraints, gloves and shoes for open wheel, dirt track, oval track and road racing classes. 

Simpson Safety products have been protecting racers for over 50 years. They’ve contributed to countless NASCAR and road racing championships, as well as the Indy 500. Simpson helmets, head and neck restraints, harnesses, racing suits, gloves, shoes and other products are built to protect you in an unmatched variety of racing situations. 

Simpson helmets are designed with the ultimate in comfort, performance and protection in mind. They are created using the latest technology in aerodynamics coupled with computational design and their proprietary materials and construction methods. This combination has earned them the reputation of being some of the best helmets in the world. Pairing a Simpson helmet with an approved head and neck restraint gives you the utmost safety. 

Simpson helmets have always represented the finest quality and the best value in motorsports. From their foundation as a helmet manufacturer, Simpson has become one of the world's largest companies specializing in products designed for and tested by racers. Their expertise and commitment to excellence are reflected in their products. Simpson designs every product for its intended use. They engineer each product with better materials, superior construction, tighter tolerances, greater durability and more advanced features so you can get the most from it. 

A history of innovation and passion for the sport make Simpson the most advanced name in racing safety equipment. Simpson's product engineers are as driven to innovate as their drivers, creating innovative race uniforms, skin suits, helmets and other accessories that make a difference. 

Simpson's line of auto racing products is legendary. From the original dragster parachute that set their legacy, to the high-quality helmets worn by Indy 500 drivers, Simpson’s products aren't designed with a single purpose in mind. Instead, they're crafted and refined through research and development, and driven by feedback from racers across the country and globe. It's part of what makes Simpson one of the most trusted names in motorsports. 

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