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Very few things are as important to the handling of your vehicle as the shocks AND the shock placement. That's why Speedway Motors offers a huge selection of shock mount brackets to help you get your shocks mounted in the correct location for maximum effectiveness. From birdcage shock mounts for your circle track race car to combination headlight/shock mounts for your hot rod, we've got the best selection of coilover shock mounts around. All available in a variety of heights, widths, and materials sure to be perfect for your application.

Doing it right. That’s something we would all like to accomplish. If we have a job to do, we want to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. What good does it do,  after all, to spend the time doing something only to install it incorrectly. When it comes to installing shocks on any kind of car, it’s pointless to do it wrong. The result will render your expensive coilover shocks virtually useless. Not only will they not work correctly, if they aren’t mounted correctly, they will more than likely be damaged. 

Shock absorbers are one of those ubiquitous items that we often overlook because every car has them. Drag cars, oval track cars, street cars, and sports cars all need them. The right or wrong shocks can make or break how a vehicle performs. Here, we’re going to provide an overview of shock mount brackets, how to properly mount your shocks, and what type of shocks brackets that are available. 

Before we get into all of the brackets, here is some information on the different styles of shock ends and how they are designed to be mounted.

Types of Shock Rod Ends

  • Bearing End Shocks: These shocks have heim type spherical ball ends for mounts. This style of mount uses a bolt that attaches through the bearing eye horizontally. 
  • Rubber/Urethane Bushing End Shocks: This style of end has a shock absorbing material encasing the attaching bolt.  The attaching bolt or stud passes through horizontally like bearing ends. 
  • Stud Mount Shocks: Stud mount shocks have a threaded vertical rod extended out that passes through shock mount bracket mount with a hole in it. Rubber bushings are normally used on either side of the shock mount bracket hole and they are captured by washers and nuts on either side to fix the shock to it’s shock mount bracket. 
  • T-Bar Style Shocks: This type of shock has a bar that is fixed perpendicular to the shock body. The bar has holes vertically on either side of it for attachment. This type of shock is heavily used on oem cars like early Chevelle, etc. 

Coilover Mount Brackets

There are many ways to mount shocks and there are many applications. The first thing we will mention is the necessity of stressing the strength of your shock mount and particularly if you are using them to attach coil over shocks that serve as the vehicle’s suspension. Coilover shock mounts have a big job and tremendous load forces to deal with. Using a weld-on shock mount for rear axles, etc., like Speedway Motors 91636100 is highly recommended. Not only do these make stout coilover shock mounts, they serve as a good foundation for rear shock mounts when using non-coilover shocks. These weld on coilover shock mounts provide a triangulated and sturdy weld-on base and they offer 3 mounting holes for height adjustment. Using a coilover mount support stud, like part number 91636010 or 91636011 is a natural companion to these mounts and provides a rigid base for the shock to act upon. For hot rods, bracket 9161091 serves as a great complimentary upper shock mount. 

Another type of coilover bracket we offer is a coil over reinforcement plate such as 9103610. These are used to bolster the lower control arms using a T-bar style mount. Factory suspensions in these cars used standard coil springs, but replacing them with coil over shocks means that the load of the spring will be placed on the two attachment bolts of the shock. This plate reinforces this area of the control arm so the bolts don’t pull through the control arm. 

Bolt-On Shock Mounts

Speedway Motors offers a variety of bolt on  shock mounts, such as 91636004, 91636001 or the tried and true Ford F1 bolt on mounts like 91036009.  These styles of shock mounts are used heavily for front shocks in street rods but can be used in many applications. Some of the mounts capture the end of the shock on either side and use a through bolt for attachment, while others use a stud to pass through the shock bushing eye. These mounts can often be converted to a weld on shock mount bracket simply by welding them instead of drilling and attaching with bolts. 

Bearing End Shock Mount Tabs

If you are using bearing end shocks, we offer a wide variety of weld on shock mounts for many applications. Kits 9100645 and 9100586 are used heavily in race cars. Quality weld-on shock mounts and can serve as upper shock mounts, lower shock mounts, and are just as happy serving double duty as either front or rear shock mounts. These kits offer both flat weld-on shock mount bases or curved for whatever type of surface you wish to weld them to. 

Custom Weld-On Shock Mounts

Often times, we have to build our own mounts due to unique design requirement. Universal weld shock mounts can be made from our handy shock mount tabs and kits like 91007210, 91637046, and 91007225. Many of these can be found on our website under chassis tabs. We also offer 91636502 or 91636503 weld-on shock eyes for a multitude of uses. 

Shock Mount Tips

When mounting shocks, remember to keep the mounts on the same plane. If you get your shock in a bind, it is not going to work correctly. When spacing your mounts, be sure to set the chassis at finished ride height and be certain that the distance between the upper shock mount and the lower shock mount allow for ample shock travel in both directions. Generally speaking, you will want to have 55-60% of the shocks travel available for compression and the rest for rebound. Weld and attach all mounts with quality fasteners and welds. Cut no corners and you’ll be cornering with the best of 'em!