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Royal Purple is one of the world's leading synthetic lubricant companies. Royal Purple has a passion for performance, and that passion is driven by their unwavering commitment to quality, research and development, customer service and our environment. 

Royal Purple is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology in the oil industry. Their use of synthetic and mineral oils in their products is paving the way for the future of combustion engines. 

As the one of the largest international sellers of synthetic lubricants with an international team of oil experts, Royal Purple is a huge player in the global oil industry. Their ongoing investment into research and development positioned Royal Purple as the first to market many new products. The technical achievements that result from this are applicable across a wide range of industries and applications, making it easier for customers to run their engines more efficiently while reducing their environmental impact. 

Royal Purple was founded with the mission to create the most innovative oil products. As a result, their oil is found in everything from homes and cars to industrial equipment and sport fishing boats. Royal Purple’s commitment to continual research and development has led to many innovations in the industry. Royal Purple has received several patents for their oils and additive packages. Royal Purple’s technical achievements help make engines more efficient and effective. 

Royal Purple makes some of the best motor oil on earth. Their oil protects your engine, can increase horsepower, and even helps your engine run cleaner. Royal Purple’s elite motor oils are designed to outperform the standard by a long shot so you can enjoy an increased level of performance and success. 

Synerlec is the backbone of Royal Purple's technology that drives their products. Synerlec is an additive technology that provides significant benefits compared to ordinary synthetic and conventional lubricants. 

Royal Purple is said to be one of the industry leaders in racings lubricants. They've made a name for themselves over the past decade and can be seen in usage by everyone from NASCAR teams to drag racers, all using Royal's performance oils. Royal Purple Racing Oils have been used in tens of thousands of racing events worldwide. With high thermal stability and outstanding performance, they are the ultimate choice of many professional race teams. 

Royal Purple's unique, and some say unbeatable, formulas are recommended for use in a variety of racing applications. Thanks to their superior performance and excellent thermal stability, Royal Purple's products are used in automotive, motorcycle, marine, daily driven, and off-road racing applications. 

Royal Purple is a leading manufacturer of high-performance lubricants and additives. Whether you operate in the most demanding racing environment or simply want to increase your vehicle’s performance, Royal Purple has the technology that will help you get there.  

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