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Let’s face it… you love American muscle. Who doesn’t? We all know that while it makes a great workhorse for getting you from point A to point B, there is something special about when that engine revs up and the car takes off. Now you can make your everyday rides into an event, with Rocket Racing Wheels!

The Rocket Racing Wheels provide the perfect look for classics, hot rods, muscle cars and trucks. RPM is the parent company of RRW, a brand reminiscent of the 1960s, the golden age of Detroit automotive performance. All RRW wheels provide an aggressive modern wheel design with the fitment needed to match years and models of import and domestic vehicles. RRWs incorporated a unique "deep dish" style retro eagle center caps on all wheels. These features differentiate our products from traditional competitors as they only offer lip wheels or lip and spoke chrome wheels.

We’re a community that gathers around a shared passion for classic American muscle cars. We work hard to stay connected, and create a culture of respect with our fellow car enthusiasts. Everyone loves American Muscle, so what could make it better? How about a pair of wheels that makes your car fast as all hell! Classic cars look great on Rocket Racing Wheels.

A unique concept that offers drivers a chance to customize their vehicle, Rocket Racing Wheels lets you add some speed and power to your daily commutes. Tired of getting stuck behind cars and spending hours in traffic? With these wheels, you’ll leave fender benders in the dust! Built on a core of American innovation and know-how, Rocket Racing Wheels deliver exhilarating spins and awesome acceleration so you don’t have to be a professional racecar driver to feel what it’s like to have speed.

We’re a community of gearheads that gather around a shared passion for their favorite classic American muscle cars. And since we’re all after the same thing, we work hard to stay connected and create a culture of respect between collectors. We encourage you to join our community and learn more about classic American muscle cars.

As partners in your passion, the experts at Speedway Motors have carefully selected the foremost parts from legendary brands, as well as innovative solutions from emerging manufacturers. Not only is Speedway Motors a leading Rocket Racing Wheels dealer, we're also #1 in customer service. Since 1952, Speedway Motors has partnered with top brands like Rocket Racing Wheels to help auto enthusiasts and racers build their best cars and live their best moments. Whether your passion is style or performance, Rocket Racing Wheels products & Speedway Motors are on your team to make it happen. What’s more, every Rocket Racing Wheels part we offer is backed by 3 generations of automotive expertise to help you build it right the first time. Count on Rocket Racing Wheels parts for sale from Speedway Motors, the premier Rocket Racing Wheels store, to deliver on our promise of high-quality products at an affordable price.