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If you've ever been involved in an engine swap, you know how tricky it can be to get everything to fit. Oftentimes, the oil filter itself has to be moved. Speedway Motors has been selling oil filter relocation kits about as long as anybody and we know a thing or two about them. 

If you are swapping an engine, or you just want to put the oil filter in a handier spot, or maybe you would like to go to dual oil filters instead of one, we have an oil filter relocation kit you can use.

One of the big advantages to using an oil filter relocation kit is being able to use a larger filter than stock. Many factory filters are short and small bodied, but using an oil filter relocation kit allows use of larger filters, or multiple filters and that, my friends equates to cleaner oil, and that can only be a good thing.

An oil filter relocation kit is normally comprised of 3 parts: (1) the oil filter adapter, (2) the oil filter bracket, and (3) the hose kit. You can buy these components individually, or you can buy them in a handy, all inclusive Speedway Motors oil filter relocation kit.

If you are doing a small block Chevy, IE SBC oil filter relocation kit, or a SBF, aka Ford 302 oil filter relocation kit, the oil filter adapter normally just screws on in place of the old spin-on filter, and they seal up as the old spin-on filter did. The oil filter adapter used in your oil filter relocation kit has two ports in it, an “in” and an “out”.  A fitting is screwed into each port and a hose is attached. The “out” fittings go to the filter bracket, and the “in” fittings come back from the filter bracket, to return the cleaned oil back to the engine. It’s just that simple.

When it comes to the mounting the oil filter, or filters, you have quite a bit of choice there too. Speedway Motors oil filter relocation kits allow you to either mount the filter horizontally (sideways), or you can mount them vertically (straight up and down). You can even choose to use up to 2 filters instead of one. You can get the hoses in various lengths, and if need be, you can trim them to the exact length you need.

Don’t think that oil filter relocation kits are just for small block Chevys or Fords. Oh no, we offer them for many, many applications. Late model Mopar Hemi, GM LS, big and small block Fords, big and small block Mopar wedge v-8s too! You can get oil filter relocation kits that are extremely high flow racing units that feature large oil ports from such companies as Barnes Systems, Peterson Fluid systems, Moroso. On the kit side of things we offer some nice units by Perma-Cool too.

Sometimes you move the filter because you need to, but sometimes you do it because it’s just easier to change the oil by moving it. No matter what your reason for moving your oil filter, Speedway Motors likely has an oil filter relocation kit that will get the job done. Shop below to find our wide range of oil filter relocation kits and components.