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Racers Choice Inc. (RCi) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality racing gear and accessories. For decades, RCi has been at the forefront of product development for each racer's unique fuel cell needs. RCi's fuel cells are designed to be available for all major drag-race classes and hold up to national standards with unmatched reliability--offering ultimate protection during all types of racing.


RCi has been building a variety of quality products for thirty years. Prices are affordable and safety standards high. Fuel cells come in an assortment of styles to meet every racer's needs - pick a size, color, and performance level that suits you best! RCi factory-built aluminum and steel fuel cells use only the finest materials and time-tested construction methods. It's no surprise that RCi is one of the leading names in high-performance racing fuels and components!

RCi takes great pride in building the finest, high-quality products at an affordable price while maintaining a high safety standard for racers of all types. Race cars are expensive. For some of the top performers, building a new racer can cost well over $1 million – and that's just for an engine! Whether you're in it to win it or to look good at the starting line, there's no better way to get the high-quality fuel cells your car needs than RCi. With our wide range of race car offerings and innovative safety features, we give performance-driven drivers what they need while keeping their wallets in mind too. For over 30 years we have been crafting our fuel cells to fit the needs and wants of every racer: they come in different colors and sizes as well as performance levels. One look is enough to see RCi's commitment to product excellence with how lovingly crafted every part is.

The RCi fuel cells are expertly engineered by professional racers for racers. They come in an assortment of sizes, colors, and performance levels with ultimate protection to keep you safe on the race track. RCi takes great pride in building the finest racing products at an affordable price with high quality and a high safety standard for all types of racing for over 30 years. Speedway Motors is proud to carry a wide variety of RCi Fuel Cells and other RCi products. If you want quality products at prices that won't break the bank, you want RCi.

As partners in your passion, the experts at Speedway Motors have carefully selected the foremost parts from legendary brands, as well as innovative solutions from emerging manufacturers. Not only is Speedway Motors a leading RCi dealer, we're also #1 in customer service. Since 1952, Speedway Motors has partnered with top brands like RCi to help auto enthusiasts and racers build their best cars and live their best moments. Whether your passion is style or performance, RCi products & Speedway Motors are on your team to make it happen. What’s more, every RCi fuel cell we offer is backed by 3 generations of automotive expertise to help you build it right the first time. Count on RCi parts for sale from Speedway Motors, the premier RCi store, to deliver on our promise of high-quality products at an affordable price.