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RapidAir has revolutionized compressed air distribution for industrial and personal garage applications. RapidAir offers an easy and flexible way to customize your workshop with applications from automotive to woodworking. RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system that is designed to easily install just about anywhere. No special tools required, simply push the flexible tubing into the fittings. Put up your system in an afternoon.

RapidAir is built by travelers and automotive enthusiasts for travelers and automotive enthusiasts. They are an independent brand with engineering, design, and operations teams that prioritize functional solutions while learning from the feedback provided by their customers. RapidAir’s flexible, durable systems can be configured into almost any space, making them easy to install and use while delivering years of reliable service.

Resilient. The keyword is resilience. One simple system. Endless possibilities. Anything is possible with the right foundation. Easy to use, the RapidAir Master Air Line kits and others are built for every homeowner, shop owner, or garage tinkerer. It’s a flexible system with advanced HVAC equipment that makes taking care of your air system needs. Impressively adaptive and surprisingly reliable, the RapidAir project has become a model for complete compressed air distribution systems.

?In our industry, we deal with a lot of change. So, RapidAir makes sure their technology can adapt to the future and handle whatever unique purpose and setup they find it used in. At Rapid Air, they’re passionate about customer satisfaction—that’s why we include every accessory in our complete air systems. RapidAir's goal is to provide everything you need for a complete air system. Offering high-quality products and local support, they’ve become the trusted choice for thousands of shops and customers.

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