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Rack and pinion steering systems are the norm for most modern, everyday cars. The technology is nothing new, but it has made its mark in the automotive world. This rings true in the hotrod and racing worlds as well. Rack and pinion steering setups are simple and easily adaptable to virtually any chassis or custom build you may find yourself working on in your own garage. Rack and pinion steering assemblies take many shapes and forms, some easily recognizable, some not so much - however, they all do the same thing - they make wheelin' our favorite cars and trucks effortless.


By design, rack and pinion assemblies are very, very simple. In its most basic form, it is a pair of gears that converts rotational motion (steering wheel input) into linear motion (wheels turning left or right). The pinion gear is a circular gear design and attaches to the end of your steering column. The other gear, housed inside of the tube portion of your rack and pinion assembly, is the bar gear that converts that rotational motion into a linear motion. At each end of your rack and pinion, is a tie rod that connects to your spindle/hub assembly to move the wheels left or right.


In the aftermarket world, we see the 2 most common type of rack and pinion assemblies; powered and manual versions, finding a home on everything from old school hot rods to oval track race cars. Most often or not, these rack and pinion assemblies are a form of the Mustang II rack and pinion design. This rack and pinion was adopted into the early hot rodding culture and has proven its place in the aftermarket world. It is a very reliable assembly, is readily available and has a host of replacement parts available, it is compact in design and shape, easily serviced and maintained; as well as it being the go-to style/model for nearly every rack and pinion manufacturer. Mustang II rack and pinion assemblies have cemented their place in rodding and racing culture!


We got your back with our extensive in-stock inventory of rack and pinion steering essentials - whether you find yourself redesigning your entire front suspension setup or just replacing a worn, leaky old rack and pinion boot - Speedway Motors has the parts you need, helpful tech experts, and industry-leading service on hand to help you navigate down your own path in your favorite 4-wheeled machine!