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Quick-release steering wheel hubs are a common sight on race cars, and for good reason. It allows the driver to get in and out of the cockpit without having to struggle. A quick release steering wheel hub allows the driver to make a quick and safe exit in case of an accident or fire. Purpose-built vehicles such as track cars or dragsters need to be as light as possible to stand a chance against their competitors. Many modern conveniences we have become accustomed to in our daily drivers simply do not exist on race cars. These include adjustable seats, power windows, and even adjustable steering columns. Purpose-built vehicles are often built around the driver. Having a quick disconnect steering wheel hub adapter can help them get in and out of the cockpit easily without the added weight that adjustable seats or steering wheel columns would bring. Speedway Motors has a variety of quick-release steering wheel hubs designed for your specific application. From quality GM spline quick release steering wheel hub to universal quick-release steering wheel hubs, we have what your street or race vehicle needs to get you in and out of your ride quickly and safely.

What Is a Quick Release Hub?

A quick-release steering hub is a device designed to allow a driver to get in and out of a vehicle where space is limited. It works by providing a secure connection between the steering column and the steering wheel. It can also be considered an anti-theft device, as the wheel can be removed and taken with you, preventing the vehicle from being driven. Different manufacturers have different designs, but the idea remains the same; allow the steering wheel to be removed or installed without much hassle when entering or exiting the vehicle, or in case of emergency. In principle, a quick disconnect steering wheel hub should let you remove the steering without even looking.

Are Quick Release Hubs Universal?

Quick release steering hubs are universal by nature and most require welding. You will want to confirm your steering column shaft diameter or buy a steering shaft of the correct diameter to match the diameter of the quick disconnect steering wheel hub’s weld-on adapter. Alternatively, a sleeve can be welded on the shaft to fit your new hub to change shaft diameters. Speedway Motors offers a variety of quick release steering wheel hubs in hex or spline quick releases with popular 3-bolt steering wheel mounting patterns.

The material used to manufacture the quick release steering wheel hub is equally as important. We manufacture our own quick release steering hubs in-house and finish them in several colors to perfectly match your interior. Additionally, we have GM splined quick release steering hub adapters and universal quick release steering wheel hub adapters to perfectly match your build. Keep in mind that a quick release steering wheel hub will add to the overall steering shaft length. If you are using a fixed position seat or steering column, be sure to consider the added length before fixing it in place.

Are Quick Release Hubs Legal?

Like most vehicle modifications, a quick release steering hub may or may not be legal in your state. Always check your local laws before installing a quick release steering wheel hub on your vehicle if you plan to use it on public roads. However, on private property such as racetracks, anything goes. In fact, certain sanctioning bodies require that your vehicle be equipped with certain safety equipment such as roll cages, fire suppression, and even quick release steering systems.

Are Quick Release Hubs Safe?

Yes! You will find quick release steering wheel hubs produced by Speedway Motors and other manufacturers we carry are all built from quality materials to handle the rigors of a racing environment. Materials such as high-quality steel and durable yet light 6061-T6 aluminum are used in the manufacturing of these quick release steering wheel hubs. When properly installed and the hub securely locked onto the steering shaft you know your steering wheel is not going anywhere until you are ready to exit your race car, giving you one less thing to worry about as you focus on taking the checkered flag from your opponents.

Choosing A Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

Choosing the right quick steering hub can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with them and how they work. Luckily, we can help make sense of the different designs. They can help make your car not only safer but also easier to get into.  

Spline Quick Release Hub

Most automakers use a splined steering shaft when building their steering columns. It is one of the main reasons why splined aftermarket quick release steering hubs are utilized, including the popular GM splined quick release steering hub. Using a splined quick release hub as opposed to a hex quick release steering wheel hub allows for a more secure connection and reduces the likelihood of play. It is one of the many reasons that makes them ideal for track and road cars. Even streetcars, like your daily driver, will usually have a splined steering shaft. So, upgrading the steering wheel on your car can be done with a quick release steering wheel hub adapter and no further modifications to your steering shaft.

Hex Quick Release Steering Hub

Hex quick release steering hubs are preferred on track only cars thanks to their ability to be installed and removed extremely easily. There are downsides to this system as they can develop a slight bit of play on them over time. But when used on a race track the possibility for a bit of potential play becomes insignificant. Ease of installation every time you need to get in and out of the cockpit becomes another big selling point for why drivers would choose a hex hub over a spline quick release hub.

No matter which you choose, make sure your new or existing steering wheel will match up to the hub, as some will have a 3-bolt, and others will have a 5-bolt pattern. Even if you are building your car’s steering column from scratch, we have both, splined and hex-style sleeves that can be welded directly to your steering shaft.


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