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We are all used to the old days when the power steering system on our car used a power steering pump with a built in power steering reservoir. In many stock vehicles, that works great, but if you are modifying your car with a serpentine belt system, doing an engine swap or building a serious race car, that stock pump and stock power steering reservoir might not cut the mustard anymore. If you are running a competition vehicle like oval track racing, road racing, etc., then going to a remote power steering reservoir makes a bunch of sense. It even makes a lot of sense on your hot rod, and we’ll give you a few reasons why.

Advantages of Remote Power Steering Reservoir Tank

Here’s a short list of advantages to mounting your power steering reservoir separately from the pump:

  • It allows the fluid to be located to a cooler area and lowers fluid temperatures. You might even consider a fluid cooler for competition. 
  • A remote power steering pump reservoir allows easier access for adding, checking and servicing power steering fluid levels.
  • It creates more room around the engine, leaving valuable space for other components or extra room to do engine maintenance. 
  • A universal power steering reservoir tank can be had in larger sizes, increasing fluid capacity, which is often necessary on high flow, high performance steering systems.
  • An aftermarket power steering pump reservoir can be had in all kinds of sizes and mounting styles. They are also available in beautifully polished materials such as stainless steel, billet or aluminum and chrome.

Plumbing a Power Steering Pump Reservoir

When you are shopping for remote power steering pump reservoirs , be mindful of what you need to plumb it to your pump. A typical power steering reservoir tank can have a variety of hose connection threads and nipples. Some use NPT threads, while others use the very popular ARMY-NAVY fitting system, and the sizes can range from AN-6, AN-8 and AN-10.

Remember that the high pressure side of a system always requires high pressure style hose, but return lines do not have to be extremely high pressure. Many of you will want all your hoses and fittings to match, particularly if you are working on a show vehicle with beautiful polished universal power steering reservoir and braided hoses.

You’ve come to the right place if you are need for a remote power steering reservoir, a matching power steering pump and all the stuff to go with it. Speedway Motors has an enormous selection of quality power steering reservoir tanks from brands like Billet Specialties, AFCO, KRC, Speedway Motors, and more. Oh, by the way, don’t forget the fluid and a funnel!