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The true originators of retrofit electronic ignition systems - Pertronix has been in the game since 1962. Pertronix beginnings were set in industrial applications, but none-the-less the technology was ready to be implemented in the performance aftermarket world. From the Per-Lux name to Pertronix, since the 1970s PerTronix has been a leader in ignition performance. PerTronix is a well-known brand name in the automotive performance ignition industry. They developed innovative products that went on to become standard equipment on many popular muscle cars, high-performance vehicles, and other street machines. Pertronix ignition modules are designed to provide a superior ignition experience with nearly any application. It's one of the best replacements for your stock ignition system.

Pertronix Ignition Products is an innovative company, committed to a single goal – designing and manufacturing the highest performance ignition systems on the market today. Having a Pertronix Ignitor in your distributor is akin to having an entire ignition company at your fingertips. Electronic ignition systems have come a long way since the 1970s, and Pertronix has been at the forefront of their development. Pertronix began making and marketing their ignition solutions to hot rodders and performance enthusiasts looking to do away with the old points and condenser ignition systems. Pertronix has since expanded its product line to include affordable ignition system solutions as well as exhaust products for a variety of applications and fitments.  By creating a replacement for a stock distributor which allows all of the tuning ability of a high-end aftermarket ignition system, Pertronix Ignitors create new possibilities for performance tuning.

Founded in 1962, Pertronix Ignition is a company whose mission is to develop and manufacture sophisticated ignition systems designed for use in the extreme conditions of racing as well as classic car restoration. Today, Pertronix Ignition Products, including the Pertronix Ignitor, Flame Thrower, and others, are a world leader in replacement automotive electrical components. The brand selection includes ignitions and many other related products such as Pertronix ignition coils, distributors, and more. Pertronix ignition systems are designed to be easy to install. Best known for providing quality products and tech support, Pertronix is the ignition professionals’ choice. They’ll get you fired up and on your way.

With some of the best ignition modules available, Pertronix ignitions offer simplicity and quality to fit your needs. For nearly half a century, Pertronix has been an industry leader in ignition technology. They are committed to delivering the most reliable ignition systems for your vehicle at a great value. Since 1985 with the introduction of the Ignitor line, Pertronix ignition products have been setting the standard for performance and quality. Pertronix has been a leader in ignition technology for vehicles. They are committed to providing innovative product solutions that exceed your expectations every time. Pertronix ignition modules are the next generation of replacements for your stock ignition system. Whether you're looking to add more horsepower, improve your gas mileage, or just improve everyday drivability, Pertronix has got you covered.

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