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Regardless of who you ask, most will tell you that the muscle car era was iconic. It was a time where the design was simple but functional. Interiors were uncomplicated and quite basic. These classic designs featured the bare minimum in seating comfort and safety. Today, people ask a lot more of their classic muscle cars and street rods and they need car bucket seats that will support what they ask of their car. Unfortunately, the test of time has taken a toll on most original interiors of this classic era, and surviving examples may not be in the best shape. Having the option of repairing or updating your classic car bucket seats is always an option to consider as well if you are looking for more of a restoration-focused build than something like a pro touring project. If you are looking to change out those torn-up car bucket seats for a modern aftermarket/custom car seat with more support, or just looking to recover your original car bucket seats, Speedway Motors has exactly what you are looking for!

What Seats Will Fit My Car?

Installing new seats in your prized muscle car or hot rod can be daunting, and sometimes a downright stressful process. But, with a little patience and the right measurements, getting your interior looking new again can be quite easy.

Knowing the dimensions of your previous seats such as length, width, and depth is helpful if you want to put in a new set of aftermarket seats. However, if you do not have the measurements, a quick Google search will likely help you out and we also list all critical measurements of each replacement seat we offer as well.

With enough perseverance, any seat can be made to fit. Knowing the measurements of your original seats or the available dimensions for seating placement will help narrow down the search. We have several models to choose from regardless of the style or upholstery material.

What is The Right Seat for Me?

Deciding which direction you want to go with your interior will dictate the appropriate seat style needed. Looking to keep everything stock appearing? We offer replacement car bucket seats that, at first blush, look period correct but offer more support and safety features like locking seatbacks and headrests. Others may want to benefit from the added support of custom seats with racing inspired bolsters or increased comfort of a bucket seat with a reclining seatback.

Each seat comes with its own set of upsides and downsides. Aggressive racing seats are great at keeping your body planted during a race, for example. Unfortunately, in most cases, the price of added stability can mean reduced comfort on long trips and a tougher time getting into and out of your ride with these car bucket seats.

If added comfort and maintaining that period-correct stock look is a priority, stock-appearing adjustable aftermarket bucket seats may be more suitable. It will no doubt enhance those lazy Sunday cruises and keep you fresh for Monday morning. We offer aftermarket seats for everyone's backsides and knowing the vehicle's intended use is the first step in choosing the right one.

Do I Need Custom Seat Brackets?

If you decide to upgrade to aftermarket seats, chances are that a new set of seat brackets will be needed for installation. Luckily, Speedway has thought of that and offers a wide variety of vehicle specific seat brackets to help facilitate a bolt-in installation, making your muscle car look its best. We carry brackets for Procar seats an many others.

Gone are the days of having to fabricate a seat bracket from scratch. We know that some of our customers can spend the time cutting and fabricating mounting brackets, but for those without the fabrication skills, tools, or time we offer hundreds of bracket designs that can be had at the click of a mouse. That time can now be spent on the other things your car may need.

Regardless of if you are a Ford, Dodge, or GM owner, our wide selection of seat brackets is sure to have an option that is ready to mount your new favorite seat to your car’s floorpan in minutes!

Whether you like a look of a factory-fresh, OEM-appearing aftermarket seat or a more custom looking one that promises more support to keep you in place while cornering, a custom seat bracket is necessary to achieve proper fitment in your vehicle specific application.

Can I Install Bucket Seats If my Car Has A Bench Seat?

Absolutely. Switching to car bucket seats from a bench setup is arguably one of the most popular interior mods that muscle car owners undertake. Yes, a bench seat up front did serve a purpose, but it did nothing for holding the driver and passenger firmly in place.

Due to the popularity of drivers opting for classic appearing buckets, or perhaps something sportier with significantly more support and aggressive bolstering, the high demand has meant that virtually any part needed for the conversion is now available.

Unless you are trying to maintain the originality of your vehicle, chances are rare that a classic car needs a bench seat in today’s world. Fitting bucket seats has never been easier, and Speedway Motors aims to make this process as simple as possible by providing all the necessary hardware.

Should I Reupholster My Stock Seats?

Of course. Reupholstering stock seats can be a great alternative and become a cost-friendly way of updating ones interior. Replacing your worn out or damaged seat upholstery and foam will dramatically improve the overall interior look and style. We offer a wide selection of seat upholstery and replacement foam to fit your muscle car’s stock bucket seats from PUI Interiors and many more.

Whether the upholstery needs to be changed due to damage or you are doing an entire restoration, our available variety of seat upholstery and foam will surely give you what you are looking for. While changing the upholstery, be sure that any remaining seat components are in good shape. It is much easier to replace any damaged components such as seatbelt guides, seat back hardware, and the like while everything is apart.

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