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Maxima Racing Oil has been making high-performance oils, lubes, and ancillary products since 1979. The race-inspired company’s portfolio includes engine oils, suspension fluids, coolants, care products, and accessories. Maxima Oil products are used in dozens of countries around the world and serve as the lubricant of choice for race-winning engines. Maxima Oil is also recognized for its close association with the racing community and its involvement in motorsports.

Challenging the status quo of the petroleum oil industry since 1979, Maxima Racing Oils remain a leader in the manufacturing of high performance lubricants. Maxima Oil have set the standard in high-performance lubricants, built with exclusive synthetic base stocks and breakthrough additive technology. Maxima Racing Oil has developed products for high-stress conditions that are proven to excel over conventional technology when it comes to performance and protection of engines.

Maxima is a leading manufacturer high performance engine oils and related products which are used in all forms of racing, from circle tracks to professional road racing, to off-road events. The company has played an active role in the racing community for decades through its dedication to developing the best products available. Innovation through competition have made Maxima engine oil stand apart from the crowd. A commitment to quality has kept it ahead of time in the rapidly evolving world of motor racing.

The Maxima Racing brand is designed to compete, win, and dominate on the race track. Maxima Oil products are proven to be the best and exclusively used by racing professionals. Even if you’re not a professional racer, Maxima has a product to help you improve car performance.