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Hyperco has been pioneering the racing suspension movement for decades! With a proud U.S.A manufacturing operation, Hyperco was building upon the legacy of lifelong innovator and inventor Jim Fielder. Feilder designed the first springs and components for what grew into Hyperco, with accolades going all the way back to the early 1960s with clients such as Lotus racing!


Built out of Matthew Warren Spring in Logansport, IN, and Pontotoc Spring in Pontotoc, MS, Hyperco’s unparalleled suspension technology is changing the way we think about high-performance equipment. Hyperco parts are installed not only by street customers but also by many professional Powersports and race car drivers. Hyperco has been breaking the mold with revolutionary products since the early 1960s.

Hypercoil springs and Hyperco products have been used on tracks by race car drivers worldwide since the 1960s, including legends such as Jim Clark. Today, Hyperco Engineering, Inc. is a leading supplier of lightweight high performance, reliable coils to many top race teams in North America, Europe, and Asia. The same technologies we develop for their racing customers allow Hyperco products to be some of the best on the street market today from helper springs to composite leaf springs.

Hyperco has the best springs in town! The motorsport-tested suspension parts from Hyperco keep your ride agile. Mother nature won't keep you down with hypercoils set for maximum ground clearance and safety features. Suddenly your car can handle every curve you throw at it smoothly because of the finely crafted racing spring on top of each coil. These cars come prepped for any condition with durable material, precision-engineered to provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

The Hyperco product line includes suspension coils (Hypercoils), Hydraulic load centering Spring Perches, and Composite Leaf Springs. Hyperco specializes in the development and optimization of these products for the motor racing industry. Hyperco components are utilized by championship-winning teams worldwide, from the grassroots oval track all the way to the Sprint Cup Series. These springs are the pinnacle of performance, engineering, and craftsmanship. Hyperco is a US company and these suspension springs meet their quality standards across the board!

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