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At Speedway Motors, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice and industry-leading products. Since 1952, drivers across the world have relied on our team to help them find the best automotive firewall grommets for their race cars.


Whether for a hot rod, street rod or muscle car project - Speedway Motors has a vast selection of fire wall grommets to choose from. What's more, every Speedway product is expert-backed and backed by our customer support. Here you'll find the perfect firewall grommet kit for sale, including custom-fit/universal versions, for all your needs. And since we're available whenever you need us, there's always someone who can help you with any questions or concerns you might have - Check here for a huge selection of firewall grommets in universal models. We have the best prices and are ready to ship today! We're passionate about providing you with exceptional firewall grommet kits, built using the latest technology and advanced materials. We've dedicated ourselves to offering tools that are performing, reliable and affordable.

Don't look anywhere else for the grommets you need. We hear people go on and on about outfitting their vehicles when they're in our shop. OK, we admit it. We're a little crazy about our car parts, too. That's why we stock a huge selection of firewall pass throughs from trusted brands like NOTCHEAD, Scott Drake, and Earls. Speedway wiring grommets are the ideal replacement for your vehicle's original, worn-out grommets. Made with only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, they're designed to outlast, outperform and give your supercar the ultimate upgrade. We provide automotive firewall rubber hardware at affordable prices. At Speedway Motors, we don’t bother selling cheap firewall grommets, we focus on providing you with grommets that meet our standards of quality and affordability.

Waterproof firewall grommets provide a solid seal around fasteners, preventing water, oil and dirt intrusion and increases your vehicle's longevity. Check out our 1 inch firewall grommet selection NOW to find the right fit for your ride. We'll give you the tools to succeed and support you every step of the way. No one knows firewall grommets like we do. We have earned a reputation for producing the highest quality rubber firewall plugs in the industry. Our family-owned business can keep your expenses low while providing you with affordable, high-quality rubber firewall plugs. Shop at Speedway Motors today!