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Meet GoJak, the super lightweight, robust, and quality dolly jack that’s perfect for automotive maintenance, repair, or even photography. For over decades years now, Zendex Tool Corp. has made high-quality shop tools like the GoJak self-loading dolly. GoJak was created in 1984 by Al Coccaro, president of Zendex Tool Corp. Originally, they were designed to help move parked cars in the Zendex shop. Since that time, they have been improving and expanding their product line. That's why there are unique GoJak dollies for every specific need and a complete line of other garage tools including the GateOpener, which allows any door to open without a hand touching it.


GoJak is one of those products that was born out of necessity. The product's creator, Al Coccaro, came up with the concept of a self-loading dolly when was confronted with the problem of moving vehicles in his business. In 1984, Al Coccaro, Zendex Tool Corp. President, needed an efficient means to move cars sideways in his auto body shop. With all the different dimensions between vehicles, most jacks simply would not work. After much trial and error, he conceived the GoJak self-loading dolly. For decades, Mr. Coccaro has manufactured GoJak and other useful shop products. The GoJak product line has provided convenient movement solutions in stores, warehouses, factories, and of course, automotive body shops and your garage alike.

The problem that inspired the invention of the GoJak, a self-loading dolly, was a common one. To move cars sideways from spot to spot, previous jacks required the operator to lift each end of the car high enough for the wheels to slip into the jack. On most cars, this meant lifting upwards of one and a half tons. This heavyweight makes it dangerous to raise either end of the car high enough to slip it onto the jack. And some cars have unusual dimensions, so many jacks would not work at all with those vehicles.

The GoJak brand has been moving things for nearly 40 years. Through simplicity, practicality, and reliability, GoJak is taking the world of movement by storm. The GoJak brand name is synonymous with quality, reliability, and consistency. GoJak’s heavy-duty design makes it a time-saving and money-saving solution that is moving millions of pounds of materials every year. Founded in 1984, GoJak has grown into a leading brand in the industry with their premier line of lifts and movement equipment.

The GoJak family has grown steadily since its inception in 1984 years ago. GoJak’s movement solutions have made lives easier for businesses and hobbyist builders for nearly 40 years. Easy-to-use, GoJak is the safe and easy way to move thousands of pounds of car (or truck). GoJak is the super lightweight, robust, and quality dolly jack that’s perfect for automotive maintenance, repair, or even photography.

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