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The Fox Body was produced from 1978-1993 under the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands. Models include the Fairmont, Zephyr, Granada, LTD, Cougar, Continental, Mark VII, Mustang, Capri, and Thunderbird. Engines offered throughout this production run include inline 4, inline 6, V6 and V8. The Fox Body classifies as mid-size car, with its front engine/rear wheel drive layout offered in both a 2 and 4 door configuration. The Ford Fox Body has unibody construction with independent front suspension and a live axle rear suspension.

The Fox Body platform was designed to be relatively lightweight and simple, to reduce development costs and improve fuel economy. Engineered for economy and refined for comfort, the mid-size Fox Body was a jack of all trades. With its simple design and sleek lines, the Fox Body offered a performance image, without sacrificing functionality as the multitude of configurations suited most Americans’ needs perfectly. The Fox Body platform is yet another in a long line of American made car platforms; it was built to accommodate a large consumer base with its two and four door configurations. It was designed to give the American consumer both comfort and utility.

The Ford Fox Body was a powerful and tough car. The F-Body Mustang was advertised as the car you could depend on and was often used as police cruisers. With front engine/rear wheel drive configuration, Fox Body drivers were assured maximum driving pleasure when curving through side roads. Unibody construction added torsional stiffness without a weight penalty. Independent front suspension with MacPherson struts improved packaging. It added room under the hood while making driving this car on various road conditions a breeze. Live axle rear suspension with trailing arms made for a ride that was smooth, with predictable handling & traction.

The reason the Ford Fox platform was successful is because it had a unique combination of attributes. The F-Body Mustang chassis itself was well-engineered and had plenty of stiffness, which made for responsive handling. The Fox Mustang platform also had a similar wheelbase to other vehicles in its class, with shorter front/rear overhangs for improved handling. Additions like that led to a high level of performance. There’s not just one or two stand-out aspects of the Fox Body chassis; it has a blend of traits that make it memorable and made it one of the best platforms in the history of Ford. There is a reason Ford used it to produce models throughout 3 separate decades.

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