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Of all the classic small block engines Ford has produced, none have been more frequently modified than the 302. None more coveted than the hydraulic roller tappet engines first used in 1985 GT Mustangs. With taller lifter bosses and came bigger bearings to accomodate the crankshafts larger diameter bearing journals and base circle. The 302 remains one of Ford enthusiasts favorite engines. Speedway Motors has all the power adding parts you need to help take your 302 Ford to the next level - all at the best prices you'll find.

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At Speedway Motors our focus is on quality, which is why we don’t sell cheap 302 Ford Small Block parts, we stock 302 Ford Small Block aftermarket parts that deliver on our promise of quality without breaking the bank. We are a dependable 302 Ford Small Block V8 Parts distributor backed by a dedicated staff of experienced racers & rodders that other auto parts sources simply can’t match. If you’re searching for 302 Ford Small Block parts near me, then your friends at Speedway Motors have you covered thanks to our North American network of distribution centers. We’re always ready to ship 302 Ford Small Block restoration parts to your door, quickly and reliably. Because it's never "JUST a car." Every car has a story. Make our 302 Ford Small Block accessories part of your car story.

Why do both racers & rodders shop Speedway Motors' parts for 302 Ford Small Block ? We share your passion, because our employees are racers and rodders too. We take pride in the expert knowledge of our ace tech team, who are ready to answer questions about 302 Ford Small Block performance upgrades - from checking fitment to helping with installation, and everything in between. From our humble roots in 1952 as a local speed shop, to the racing and rodding powerhouse you see today, our family-owned business is always on a mission to bring customers reliable delivery, affordability, high quality parts, and the best 302 Ford Small Block parts catalog online.