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I think we all know the feeling. Going to a car show, and looking under the hood to only see small block Chevys, 5.0 Fords and LS1’s.  Sometimes having a cookie cutter engine under the hood doesn’t do much to get anybody excited. If you are the owner of a Ford Truck or car sporting the big 300 or 240 Ford 6 cylinder, you’ve got an excellent start to a performance engine that is just a “little bit different”. Adding 300 Ford inline performance parts to your old inline lets the world know you aren’t a cookie cutter car guy or gal. You are a horse of a different color for sure.

"Workhorse", "Bullet-proof", "Stump-puller", "Indestructible", are just a few words that have often been used to describe Ford's Gen 4 inline 6 cylinder. First available in 1965, with an incredible 7 main bearings and big whopping 4" bore, the 240 C.I. inline six only got better when it  received a 3.98" stroke increase to make a large-and-in charge 300 cubic inches. These robust and torquey inlines became a mainstay for Ford trucks, vans, and passenger cars. Numerous models of this engine were also installed in passenger cars from Mustangs to Mavericks. The latter 300 six or the Ford 4.9 inline 6 as it later came to be known was even offered with fuel injection all the way through the 1990s. These buzzin half dozen engines have seen duty on drag strips, oval tracks, as well as pulling four wheelers vertically up cliff faces.

The great news is the market for the Ford inline 6 performance parts is getting quite popular. Ford 300 inline 6 performance upgrades are available in the form of headers, intake manifolds, camshafts, cam kits, fuel injection, and carburetion. Nothing looks more unique than that freshly rebuilt and painted inline 300 or 240 sporting a gleaming chrome valve cover, an aluminum 4 barrel intake and nothing makes it purr better than a stand alone EFI kit like a Holley Sniper topped by a Speedway custom chrome air cleaner. Inline 6’s are cool! When it comes to making Ford 300 inline 6 performance upgrades, we’ve got you covered there. 240 and 300 Ford inline performance parts are available through Speedway Motors in such awesome brands as Comp Cams, Spectre, Offenhauser, Pertronix and Accel.

300 Ford inline performance parts can yield impressive power gains. Making 1 horsepower per cubic inch, naturally aspirated with the mildest of mods is not out of the question. We’ve seen turbocharged versions of the old 300 go north of 500 horsepower, and torque?--- Torque?---Forget about it!

The 300 Ford was born to make torque. Ford 300 inline performance parts additions to the 300 or 240 won’t cut this engine’s durability one iota. There are numerous instances of these engines eclipsing 300,000 miles or more without a rebuild. So don’t worry that adding 300 Ford performance parts to your inline 240 or 300 is going to hurt it, because it won’t.

Ford 300 inline 6 performance is just a click away with Speedway. If you are stuck and can’t find what you want, be sure to reach out to our world class tech staff. These guys know their stuff!