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The experts at Speedway Motors have carefully curated a selection of the best Disc Brake Kits - delivered quickly, efficiently and without any hassles. With an expert backed selection of Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits for sale, and options to fit your needs including custom, direct fit, and universal Disc Brake Kits for your vehicle. We carry Disc Brake Kits from brands that you trust including Wilwood and Speedway Motors. Shop from 41 Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits hand picked by the experts at Speedway Motors.

Speedway Motors offers Front disc brake kits for Ford Fairlane. Our selection of Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits are compatible with Manual and Power brake systems. Kits without a parking brake provision are available for this application. As partners in your passion, we aim to supply the Ford Fairlane rear disc brake conversion kits you need to get the job done right, the first time.

For those who like to show off their Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits, we offer caliper finishes in Red, Black, Natural and Gray available in Powder Coated Red, Powder Coated Black, Natural and Gray Type III Anodized color(s). Calipers in our range are available with 4, 6 and 1 and 2 pistons. Piston bore size(s) range from 2.38 Inches-2.38 Inches. As fellow car lovers, we're proud to play a part in your passion. Shop Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits that make it safe, fun and affordable.

Our Ford Fairlane disc brake kits include calipers manufactured from high performance alloys. Caliper mount type(s) include Lug, Radial and Bolt-On. Note that some Disc Brake Kits have a minimum recommended wheel diameter, due to rotor size, caliper size and mount type (14 - 18 Inches in this case.) Whether you want to give your ride a unique look or improve its performance, Speedway Motors offers the Disc Brake Kits you need to get the job done. Our staff gives you the knowledge you need to feel confident doing it.

Add style and performance with Plain Face, Drilled and Slotted, Slotted, Drilled & Slotted and Drilled Disc Brake Kits. The rotor material and type you select depends on your intended usage, which is why we offer Spec-37 Iron, Iron, Steel and Cast Iron rotors in a variety of Vented and Solid configurations. Rotor diameter has a big effect on braking performance, so shop from a variety of 11 - 14 inch rotors. Some racing Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits applications can even benefit from various rotor shapes to reduce mass (Round offered here, exclusively). Speedway Motors Ford Fairlane brake upgrade kits are delivered quickly, efficiently and without any hassles.

Speedway Motors aims to be your one-stop-shop for Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits. These kits are offered with or without a master cylinder, but numerous options are available elsewhere in our catalog. Because it's never "JUST a car." Every car has a story. Make our Ford Fairlane rear disc brake conversion kits part of your story

Why choose Speedway Motors over the other guys for your Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits? We share your passion, because Speedway Motors is a family of gearheads who love turning wrenches and spending time behind the wheel. Our customers love our experienced team of techs, who can answer all your questions about our selection of Ford Fairlane Disc Brake Kits - from checking fitment to helping with installation and everything in between. Since 1952 our family-owned and operated business has prided itself on dependable delivery, affordable prices, quality parts, and the best Ford Fairlane disc brake kits on the market.