All of the compromises of running a tunnel ram or dual quad intake on the street are because of poor vacuum signal, which carburetors rely on to function. Upgrading to FiTech fuel injection allows the great looks and performance of dual throttle bodies without the loss of drivability. FiTech Go EFI self-learning fuel injection is out-of-the-box compatible with your 300-625 horsepower dual quad or tunnel ram motor. It will provide lower idle RPM, cleaner start up and crisp throttle response that the best carb tuners in the world can’t match.


FiTech Go EFI dual-quad 625 HP self-tuning fuel injection systems are designed and developed using OEM level engineering and components. All throttle bodies have built in computers and sensors reducing the amount of wiring to route in your vehicle. You can run the system on only 4 wires and two sensors. The sensors are OEM style for proven reliability and easy replacement.


The advanced FiTech self-learning ECU continually adjusts the fuel map to increase efficiency and performance, while still allowing the user to adjust inputs on their own via a easy-to-use touchscreen interface. The Go EFI 2x4 625 HP kits offer all of the features available to tune your naturally aspirated motor, including control of the ignition system. By locking the distributor in place, different timing curves can be selected via the handheld touch screen, or this function can be toggled off and ignition controlled separately through traditional methods. The FiTech ECU also has a built-in electric fan control, fuel pump voltage regulator to reduce noise and heat buildup, and an integrated fuel pressure regulator ensures the unit is always at the correct fuel pressure.