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Fast Shafts, a division of Axle Exchange, Inc. has been producing driveshafts for late models, modifieds, stock cars, dirt trucks and hobby stock cars since 1992. FastShafts range of services includes design, manufacturing and servicing of welded axle assemblies for circle tracks across the country. Our owner and staff at Axle Exchange, Inc. has been involved in racing personally since 1982 with a wide spectrum of experiences from street rodder to oval track driver. The FastShafts team has the knowledge and passion to ensure you have a memorable racing experience. 


Fast Shafts started as a small machine shop. They make custom driveshafts and other custom parts for Ford 9" rear ends as well as other automotive components. Little by little, their business grew when there was an increase in demand for high quality parts and the rest is history. FastShafts began to grow very rapidly, servicing hotrod enthusiasts from all over the world. FastShafts has since manufactured axle shafts - building upon their constant velocity axle design capabilities and expertise to create a line of high quality driveshafts for both automotive and racing applications. FastShafts specializes in designing and manufacturing new and replacement parts for rear differentials, transmission slip yokes, center sections, ring and pinions, clutch disks, shim kits and input shaft repair for the automotive industry. FastShafts is your one-stop shop for high quality custom driveshaft repair, new aftermarket shafts, center sections, gears, shims and hardware for your project. If you need a special part, FastShafts can make it. 

Fast Shafts is a driveshaft shop with a focused intent to provide its clients with a personalized service each and every time they're called on. They provide gear rental, lightening and polishing of gears as well as being a repair facility for both Bert and Brinn transmissions. In addition to these services, they have other speciality services that will enable you to have a diverse set of skills at your disposal with their shim kits.This service has enabled them to build a large range of gear sizes that would not otherwise be possible to have in stock. At FastShafts, they pride themselves on building your exact specifications down to the 1/16" for each driveshaft with a turnaround time that is one the best in the industry. In fact, they offer shipping across the country and even overseas.

FastShafts also take great pride in their workmanship and will help you design, manufacture, and install your ultimate setup. With the ability to build high quality custom carbon fiber & stainless steel shafts while maintaining short lead times, FastShafts is becoming one of the largest independent manufacturers of specialized racing shafts in the industry. All Fastshafts drive shafts are balanced using only the finest balancing equipment available. While the choice of alloys and heat treatment is used to adjust physical characteristics, it is balance that determines the driveshaft's performance. Balanced driveshafts work smoothly and steadily, reducing harmonic vibrations and increasing engine performance. They use the newest materials and machines to produce the best shafts on the market today.

Carbon, Steel, Aluminum & Chromoly Drive Shafts: FastShafts offers carbon fiber, steel, aluminum, and chromoly drive shafts at some of the most competitive prices on the market. Fast Shafts builds full-scale driveline systems with complete core shafts, selectors and transmissions that have thousands of miles of testing behind them.

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