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You may be wondering why so many aftermarket performance exhaust system manufacturers are offering dual exhaust systems connected by an "X-pipe" section. Aren't two separate pipes, or so-called "true duals", the best for performance? Do all 2.5 X-pipes fit? Maybe the 3 inch X-pipes? 

That answer is no. X-pipes are superior in terms of exhaust flow. X-Pipes come in several variations, but are basically exhaust pipes that are cross-connected somewhere along their length. H-Pipes are simply two pipes that are joined together by a single cross over pipe.

X-pipes and H-pipes balance the exhaust pulses between two cylinder banks increasing exhaust flow, exhaust scavenging, and are proven to increase horsepower and torque over standard dual exhaust systems. X-pipe exhaust systems are superior to just standard dual exhaust.

The exhaust gases from an engine carry considerable energy. This energy can be put to use through careful design of the components that make up the exhaust system.  If these parts of the exhaust system are improperly designed, the exhaust forces from the different cylinders can create uncontrolled turbulence and pumping losses that robs the engine of torque and power. An X-pipe helps exhaust pulses from the opposite side to actually "pull" the pulse along. This acceleration of the exhaust pulses created by the X-pipe also allows the incoming fuel/air charge in the engine to be "pulled in" by the low pressure area created or “suction” of the exiting exhaust pulse, and voila!, the X-pipe makes more POWER!  

Speedway Motors, in addition to X-pipes, also offers simple H-pipes or exhaust cross over tubes, which function similarly to an X-pipe but might be simpler to install in some applications. 

Speedway Motors offers X-pipe kits in our own house brands and are also available from such names as Flowmaster, Hedman, and Magnaflow X-pipes. X-pipes can be had in complete dual exhaust systems or as a universal X-pipe you add to your existing exhaust system. We offer them in a variety of pipe sizes such as 2.5 X-pipe, or even the big 3 inch X-pipe and so on. X-pipes are produced from standard aluminized exhaust all the way to more exotic stainless steel. Speedway Motors offers all the components you will need to install your X-pipe. Be sure to get the proper clamps and hangers before finalizing your purchase.