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We’ve all been there. You are ready to assemble that awesome dual exhaust system on your hot rod and your muffler is way too large for your head pipe. A bad thought pops into your head, maybe something along the lines of "Oh no! I just realized that my muffler is too large for my head pipe!" You might just need a pipe reducer. 

A pipe reducer, or exhaust pipe reducer or plain old exhaust reducer is a simple piece of tubing with two different sizes on each end that allows you to easily connect to mis-matched pieces of exhaust tubing or pipe. A pipe reducer can be a straight piece of exhaust tubing to another piece of exhaust tubing, a piece of exhaust tubing to a muffler, or a tail pipe to an exhaust tip. Whatever the application, these simple life savers known as pipe adapters are life savers.

Some of the most common pipe adapters are 3 to 4 exhaust adapters and 2.5 to 3 inch exhaust reducers. However, in today’s bigger is better exhaust systems, they might need to be much larger.

When you are shopping for a pipe adapter, it’s very important for you to know your exhaust pipe dimensions and how you wish to install your pipe adapter. Exhaust products, like exhaust tubing or mufflers are sold by quoting the outside dimension or O.D. of the tubing. So, if you have mufflers that are marketed as 2.5” inlet and outlet, that means the outside measurement of their inlet/outlet is 2.5” measured on the outside. If you wanted to adapt these mufflers to a different size pipe, you would need one side of your adapter to be 2-1/2” I.D. , so it could slip over the outside of the muffler and you can then clamp it or weld it into place. Always remember the tubing thickness to be able to compute the pipe I.D. based off of the pipe or muffler’s published O.D. For example if you have 2-1/2 O.D. pipe made from 16 gauge (.0625) thickness, you would subtract .125 from 2.5 to get the correct I.D., in this case, that would be 2-3/8”. Simple, eh? 

Another area that pipe adapters are used frequently is when you are installing large exhaust tips. For example, the very large exhaust tips that are frequently used on trucks and diesel applications. In a case like this, you might be jumping from a 3” O.D. or 3.5 O.D. pipe to a  5” O.D. tip. One of our Magnaflow adapters would be well suited to make that jump. In other applications, you might need application specific pipe adapters, such as our offerings from Hooker Headers that allow specific headers to be connected to their own large, 3” O.D. dual exhaust systems.

When you are purchasing exhaust reducers, don’t forget the little things you might need like mufflers clamps, or our Titan Tools exhaust expanders, a deburring tool and/or a file to help with those minor adjustments to get it to fit just right.