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A quality performance exhaust system installation requires more than just exhaust pipes, headers, mufflers, and clamps. A well thought out installation means the entire exhaust system has to be properly supported. Using a proper style muffler hanger or exhaust hanger is a must.

Many muffler hangers or universal exhaust hangers use rubber isolators to allow the exhaust to move with the engine it’s attached to. This keeps vibrations to a minimum and keeps the exhaust system from rattling apart. A universal exhaust hanger can come in more than one style. There are bolt on type muffler hangers, and there are weld on style muffler hangers. Speedway Motors offers either of these styles in parts #91602017 for a bolt on, and #91602018 for a weld on. The bolt on style clamps to the pipe or muffler via a built in muffler clamp and is bolted to the chassis on the other end, while the weld on style has a round rod that can be bent, and welded directly to the exhaust pipe or muffler and then bolted to the chassis on the other end. These two styles are the most commonly used in the industry, but they are not the only style. Another type is a unique bolt on muffler hanger that uses a poly grommet and bracket. A pin style rod that attaches to the exhaust pipe then gets poked through the grommets to give sturdy support and great looks.

A performance exhaust system has several functions. One would be to keep deadly exhaust fumes away from the driver and occupants, and the other is to increase performance and sound. A big factor in a performance exhaust system on a hot rod is how it appears. We offer muffler hangers and exhaust brackets in beautifully finished stainless steel, gleaming chrome like our bolt on lake pipe brackets, Magnaflow stainless exhaust hangers, including rubber exhaust hangers. Sometimes, muffler hangers are used in highly decorative art forms

It’s wise to support the exhaust system in the middle and along the tail pipes. In a typical dual exhaust system, it’s common to have 6 or more hangers supporting the pipe and muffler along its length. There can be quite a bit of weight to an exhaust pipe and muffler and you don’t want it flopping around as that much movement can cause it to crack and break prematurely.

A quality exhaust system is an investment in your ride. Make sure you mount it properly with quality muffler hangers, exhaust hangers, clamps and exhaust components from Speedway Motors. We feature names like Patriot, Dynatec, Magnaflow, Hooker and others. We also carry a large line up of factory style muffler hangers for OEM muscle cars like the ones from Scott Drake for that original bolt on fit. If you need a kit, look no further than Speedway’s muffler hanger kits, that come with all you need in one part number.