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Are you tired of digging around for an old tire to store that engine? Sick of asking your buddy to borrow his rolling engine stand for that rebuild? Are you out of kitty litter oil dry because the engine you have propped up in the garage with wood blocks has fallen over so many times your floor looks like a giant oil spill? Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a purpose-built or universal engine stand that will keep that engine in its proper place until it’s put back under a hood.

An engine stand is really just a right of passage of any car guy. If you don't have a couple of engines tucked in the corner of the garage for "someday", then maybe you need to step up your game. If you've been using old tires to kinda-sorta hold your engine upright, or, god forbid, your Ford 289 hipo is just left to capsize on the garage floor, it's REALLY time to step up the game. Engine stands are plentiful, and available in all styles, and inexpensive.

There are really about 3 types of engine stands, aka, motor stands. (1) The first style is the simplest, and it’s designed to bolt to the block and has rectangular tubing that just sits on the floor. These types of stands are sometimes referred to as an engine cradle An example of this for your small block Chevy would be Speedway Part #91081101, or for Small Block Fords, Part # 91081102. These engine stands are designed to rest the engine nicely on the floor or in the back of your pickup. Style (2) is just like the first version, but with wheels, so you can easily move it around. An example of this would be part #91681209. The third (3) type of stand is the one we are all used to seeing, and it’s the 3 legged rolling engine stand with a rotating head, so you can not only store your engine on it, you can easily assemble or tear down an engine with this type. It’s rolling head fixture allows you to turn the engine 360 degrees to put in the crank, or drain the oil, tear down an old engine, etc. An example of this type would be Speedway Part #91081002 or #91081003 and they will work with virtually any engine. If you already have a fixed type stand and wish you could make it roll, well, we have caster kits to make that happen, like part #91081139. We even offer engine stands for micro sprint cars all the way up to full blown 410 sprint cars.

Speedway Motors offers an engine-specific engine stand or an engine cradle for Small and Big Block Chevy, Small Block Ford 289-302-351, GM-Chevrolet LS series engines, and other brands. When you purchase a universal style rolling engine stand, remember, you can hook them up to any engine.

Since you are now storing that engine correctly, don’t forget the little things you need to store and move engines properly. Must-have items such as engine lift plates, engine storage bags, engine levelers and engine stand drip trays are essential items to have and can be found throughout the Speedway Motors website. If you are a truly creative person, we have even seen normal engine storage stands converted to an engine run stand more than once. An engine stand is just the RIGHT way to do it!