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If you're planning on re-wiring something, or just trying to wire it up the first time, you'll need to know about electrical quick connect connectors. First off, these connectors make your life easier in many ways, but they also save you money in the long run by preventing electrical shorts in your circuits. They can also save time by making it easy to remove components simply by unplugging them and then plugging them back in. Electrical quick connects are a great way to wire up anything safely and efficiently.

If you are doing a small job like maybe wiring up an electric fan, you might consider a weather pack type connector and need to consider wire disconnect. These electrical quick connect plugs make wire connects and wire quick disconnecting a snap, plus they protect your wiring from moisture and the elements to prevent corrosion. This type of connector features a rubber seal and a positive latch to keep the electrons flowing. When it comes time to remove the fan, it's as easy as unsnapping the electrical quick connect with no cutting. Many higher current draw components in your car require relays to provide a steady flow of electricity to them. When you are wiring up a relay, why not use a pre-wired relay with a quick connect connector or weather pack connector? It’s literally a “snap” to do. 

When you are doing smaller, single wire connects, one style of quick connect connector is called a bullet connector. It consists of a female receptacle and a male bullet. These are available in simple crimp on wire ends for the wire or in weather tight shrink sleeves that when heated, keep the bare wire nice and protected from moisture and corrosion.

Wiring is a job that you cannot take lightly, and when the time comes to tackle a wiring job, not only are electrical quick connect connectors handy, you just might need a pre-wired quick disconnect harness, or you might need a handy heat shrink solder terminal kit for all those other connections. Electrical quick connects and other types of wire terminal ends and connectors typically require a few specialty tools such as a wire stripper crimper, heat shrink tubes, weather pack crimping tools and weather pack disconnect pin or extractor tools. A heat shrink gun might be in order too. Speedway Motors carries a huge assortment of wiring kits, wiring terminal kits, wiring tools and accessories. Literally a one stop shop for all your high performance car building needs.

Automotive electrical quick connect plugs are without a doubt, the most professional way to wire up any electrical component on your hot rod. Wire nuts, twisting and taping quick disconnect wire connectors... All that old school kid stuff is not only tacky, it's dangerous and looks shoddy. Do it the right way, wire it up with electrical quick connect connectors and wiring products from Speedway Motors. Choose from quality brands like Painless, American Autowire, Pico, MSD, and Vintage Air since we are doing a little name dropping.