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Eibach has been a leader in the suspension industry for decades. Eibach Springs is known for its dedication to time-tested, quality manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. They have made it a mission to provide world-class customer support and superior products from their extensive experience in a multitude of motorsports series from F1, to NASCAR, to Offroad. Eibach’s mission is to make it easy for you to drive your car. That’s why they’ve designed and tested their suspension kits to improve vehicle handling while preserving the ride comfort you expect, so you can enjoy every trip, cruise, or track day.


The history of Eibach has been defined by rapid innovation and a passion for speed and racing. Addressing the diverse needs of a variety of motorsports series from Formula 1 to NASCAR, Eibach Springs are known for their commitment to high-quality manufacturing and bleeding-edge technology. They have made it a priority to provide exemplary customer support and world-class products from their extensive experience. Eibach focuses on suspension technology for custom-car enthusiasts and performance car drivers. They help you decide how low, how fast, and when or where to use your car.

Whether you're talking about F1, NASCAR, WRC, CART, or Indy Car, Eibach Springs regards Motorsports as the ideal proving ground. The experience gained at the highest levels of racing is directly converted into the development of the highest-grade chassis components on the planet. And the enthusiasm created by the challenges of motorsports drives Eibach to ever-higher performance - performance that you will enjoy every time you pull out of the pits or your own garage. At Eibach, their job is to make sure you have the perfect suspension that allows you to enjoy your vehicle exactly the way you want.

Since its founding, Eibach has been a leader in the aftermarket springs and suspension solutions industry. At Eibach, their value proposition is to make it easy for you to enjoy your car more. That’s why Eibach innovates, with cutting-edge performance suspension components that let you decide how low, how fast, and when or where you want to use your vehicle. Offering everything from lowering springs to sway bars, their extensive experience with high-performance racing in a number of different disciplines has enabled them to develop cutting-edge technology that is reflected in their extensive line of advanced products. All this combined with their dedication to providing superior customer support, make Eibach a name that you, along with big names in motorsport, can trust.

Eibach’s history is made up of passionate people who never give up. They make suspension components that are engineered to enhance your car to its maximum performance. Whether you want to lower your car or upgrade the suspension, Eibach has a kit for you. Their springs and spacers are engineered for a perfect balance of performance and comfort. They’re tuned to your exact application whether it's pure performance or to maintain handling with a leaner, lower look. Their goal is to help make your vehicle handle, corner and stop as well as it looks!

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