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Eagle Motorsports® is the leading developer of open wheel racing technology with countless wins in Sprint Cars, Midget Cars, and Micro Sprint Cars. Providing racers with the best quality products, backed by our long-standing dedication to safety and an enduring commitment to customer service, the Eagle Motorsports® team is ready to assist with your goals through unmatched service and support. Committed to continued success, Eagle Motorsports® is proud to be apart of your racing program.

It goes without saying that the dirt open wheel industry is constantly evolving and ever-changing. Customers often measure a company in two different ways. The first is by the products that are offered, and the second is by the service.

Eagle Motorsports® has excelled at both since the beginning. Here at Eagle Motorsports®, the goal is to exceed the customer’s expectations with emphasis on quality and safety. Our technical support for Eagle Sprint Car chassis setup, combined with our ongoing commitment to safety, is what sets Eagle Motorsport Corporation apart.

Eagle Sprint Car chassis research and development, focused on your current and future requirements, will continue to position Eagle Motorsports® at the forefront of the Sprint Car industry. The Helix Sprint Car chassis is a perfect example of this commitment to innovation. The Eagle Motorsports® team continues to value the relationships built with each and every customer. Eagle Motorsports® expansive dealer network, both domestically and internationally, ensures product and support at a moments notice for Eagle Sprint Car chassis setup.

New alignments with Speedway Motors, Schnee Chassis, Stallard Chassis, and Henchcraft Chassis forms a foundation for future success. The Eagle Motorsports® team of industry experts is poised to assist you with your every need.