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The E-Stopp® push button emergency brake is the perfect e-brake for custom vehicles and winner of the 2012 NSRA new safety product of the year. It not only frees up room on the chassis and in the cab but doubles as an anti-theft device when the button is hidden. It works with any kind of brake system that can accept an e-brake cable and can mount anywhere on the chassis that you have room. The kit comes with the actuator, the control box w/ switch and wire connectors all at an affordable price.

 Isn’t it time everyone had an E-Stopp®? The E-Stopp® push button emergency brake eliminates the hassle of pulling handbrake cables by hand. It’s perfect for those who want to tow a trailer, need easy access to the tow vehicle, or want to double as an anti-theft device. The E-Stopp push-button emergency brake is the perfect addition to your resto-mod, hot rod , classic car or truck project. Its robust design, powerful performance and simple operation make it the best emergency brake replacement on the market. Its designed for simple installation, with only one wire to hook up, and is compatible with all late model drum brakes using a manual or power pedal. What's more, because it's operated by a simple button, installing an E-Stopp means no more pedals or levers taking up space in your cab so you can keep everything in your ride simple, clean and efficient.

The E-Stopp Emergency Brake makes so much sense we wonder why we didn't think of it sooner! Install the E-Stopp on your hot rod or resto-mod and then forget about it! The E-Stopp replaces the entire pedal and linkage required for a manual hydraulic emergency brake system, making it one of the easiest brake systems to install anywhere. The foot operated button activates the powerful E-Stop piston which sends fluid to each rear wheel and locks them up. Squeeze once and the vehicle stops instantly. The E-Stopp fits most vehicles and can be installed with common hand tools. The beauty and performance of the E-STOPP brakes has made them a standard safety product in all high-end collector cars. Now, finally, you can enjoy the benefits of this great feature in your classic car or truck! Thousands of E-STOPP owners have found that installing one in their vehicle gives them an additional, visual reminder to apply the parking brake when they come to a complete stop. This simple habit helps save you from causing an accident if you accidentally leave your parking brake off when pulling away from your destination.

The E-Stopp brake is the number one choice for disc brake conversion in hot rods, classic cars and trucks. It is extremely easy to install, requires no rigging of cables or calipers, and is fully functional with all existing master cylinders. Our patented design includes a maintenance free magnetic circuit so no relays or switches are necessary. Plus it can be operated by any number of convenient methods including handlebar mounted button, side mounted switch, pedal actuated arm or factory floor pedal.

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