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Car clocks have been installed in automobiles for a very, very long time. The problem is that most of these old, factory original clocks have quit working for good. Not only have they quit working, they don’t look so good either. We all still want to know what time it is, and for those moments when our cell phone has slipped behind the couch somewhere or it’s battery has erupted into flames, we still want to know what time it is.

A typical car clock, way back in the early days was a mechanical, wind up affair, and they weren’t very wide-spread in automotive use. When electric gauges became more prevalent, we started seeing them installed in more and more cars from the 30’s on. By the time the 1950’s rolled in, a car dashboard clock was standard fare on many cars. One of the more unique offerings for a car clock was the famous Oldsmobile clock in tachometer. Many drivers became confused and tried to shift gears at 3:45 instead of 6000 RPM. 

Due to the likelihood that your car’s original, vintage car clock has croaked, it’s good to know that you can get brand new car dashboard clocks new in all styles and sizes. So why bother installing a car clock into your dashboard? Vintage and specialty cars just look correct when you install a car clock. Besides the fact that your original collector car likely had a car clock from the factory, it’s the right thing to do to put one back in. 

If you are busy restoring or building and modifying a classic car, street rod or restoration piece, you obviously know that there are many aftermarket gauge kits available in all different styles and configurations. It’s just uber-cool to add a matching clock to set it off. If you’ve just installed a set of digital gauges to the car, also adding a car digital clock just makes it that much better. When you are working with very early cars that ran on 6 volts, it’s sometimes impossible to get the original clock to work on 12 volts. Getting a 12v clock is easy, because all the car dashboard clocks we carry are 12 volt. 

When you are looking for an automotive clock, don’t look any further than Speedway Motors. We are sure to carry a 12v clock in a style you will just love, and many of them match other gauge ensembles we carry. Take the time to browse our website for a clock gauge that catches your eye. Pick one up at 8 and don’t be late!