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Comp Cams remains an industry leader in the performance camshaft and valve train market because of their commitment to their product and customers who choose to run Comp Cams. From the beginning, Comp Cams has been committed to proven performance, quality service, innovative technologies, and data-driven results. The company was founded on those principles and stands true to those same values to this day. Whether you are looking for something mild to wake up an otherwise old, tired small block or a one-off custom grind cam and valvetrain system for your big cubic inch powerplant, Comp Cams has a proven track record of quality, performance valve train components to suit your specific performance engine needs! COMP Cams is an engine parts manufacturer whose goal is to provide the best engine parts that money can buy. They’ve been around for years and provide quality lifters, rollers, retainers, pushrods, rocker arms, and a multitude of other camshaft and valve train parts.  

A trusted force in the engine world, Comp Cams offers high-quality, innovative products for street and racing applications. Offering unparalleled service when needed, the company stands behind its parts to help you get the most out of your vehicle. They are innovative and continuously improve their products. The company also focuses on making their custom racing and performance products available for street performance vehicles. 

Making the decision about what cam and valve train products to install in your engine is not like buying a simple maintenance part. The products you choose must be the best possible combination for your vehicle for optimum performance.  The correct choice can add both extra power and improved fuel economy. Comp Cams is here to help design that system for you. 

Comp Cams has developed some of the most complete line of camshaft and valve train products in the industry. Their experience building engines for over three decades gives them engineering insight into how to turn that experience into better products for your engine. 

The massive amount of data concerning valve train specifications can be daunting. Comp Cams has always offered expertise in solving your engine-building problems. So, whether you’re rebuilding or building a new engine, Comp Cams offers the world’s largest selection of performance camshafts and component products such as lifters, pushrods and rocker arms, hydraulic and mechanical lifters, valve springs, and valvetrain essentials.  

Replacing a camshaft is the one of the most effective performance modifications that you can make to your vehicle. Since 1976, Comp Cams has produced quality, competition-proven camshafts for street performance and motorsports applications. Engineered with superior design and manufactured with the highest quality materials, Comp Cams camshafts are available for a huge variety of applications. 

Comp Cams is one of the most famous names in camshafts. They are a leader in the performance market appearing on countless street and racing applications. Manufactured from high-quality materials Comp Cams delivers a superior product that increases horsepower and improves your overall engine performance. The champions trust them, so can you. 

Comp Cams engine components and accessories are designed with the racers in mind. From mild to wild, Comp Cams offers an expanding line of engine products to support your engine swap or restore project.  

Comp Cams is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, precision engine components. The Comp Cams team has a large background in racing and they’ve built that experience into their products so you can benefit from their experience and knowledge. They are focused on continuous improvement and delivering high quality components that win races.  

You don’t have to be a pro to experience the difference that Comp Cams components make, however. Their quality components—from hydraulic and mechanical lifters to camshafts—are used in engines entering all types of competitions, from regional races to NASCAR. If you dream about experiencing the thrill of victory, Comp Cams wants to help you win by providing you with the best parts to keep your race alive. 

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