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The beloved pickup truck. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, and even Studebaker; we have a love affair with these classics. No matter the year, no matter the make, it’s easy to see why we love trucks. What we don’t love though is the stock, factory truck suspension parts on most old trucks. The reason why is because, well, they ride and handle like trucks. That bouncy, wallowing stock leaf spring or coil spring suspension was good at hauling trash but not so good at taking a corner or changing lanes at high speeds. Maybe you are more into turning that vintage truck into an early “gasser” style drag truck, one that is a little more adept to looking cool and going in a straight line.

The good news is, there is an ocean of truck suspension parts available to turn your dump runner into something a bit more capable. If you're looking for truck suspension upgrades, keep reading and stick to Speedway Motors because we’ve got the goods to get it done.

How to Improve Suspension on a Truck

For virtually any popular truck from the late 30s on up, you will find a very big choice to turn that old straight axle, or slouchy coil spring suspension into something much, much better. You’ve probably been pondering how to upgrade your truck suspesnion parts, well we’ll give you a few ideas. Here’s a short list of truck frpont end parts we have available: 

  • Mustang 2 Front IFS Kits - there is a huge supply of Mustang 2 independent suspension systems, in particular for Fords and Chevys from the mid 30s up to around 1959 models
  • Lowering and shock kits for a wide variety of trucks. Some include lowering springs or spindles and shocks. A great way to improve the factory suspension.
  • Sophisticated suspension conversions designed to greatly increased cornering and handling like those from QA1, available for many trucks
  • Speedway Motor’s exclusive G-Comp suspension systems, with a dedicated truck arm rear suspension for 60-72 Chevy trucks. We even have a universal front G-comp stub to make things interesting.
  • “Gasser” straight axle kits, to put that front end up in the air when the style of build is trying to match the glory days of drag racing
  • Sway bar kits to keep that body roll down to a minimum and improve cornering
  • Parallel rear leaf spring kits that help lower the truck’s stance and improve ride
  • Air Ride conversion kits, to make it ride better, and when necessary, slam it to the ground for that awesome fairground look

So, there’s a little short list of the truck suspension parts you can get from Speedway Motors, but, of course, there’s more. You’ve come to the right place and if you want more, we have it when it comes to truck front end parts and even an entire truck suspension system. If you want to just slam that old Chevy or Ford into the weeds, a Mustang 2 front end with dropped spindles or air ride makes great sense. If you are really a bit more interested in getting it to handle a bit more on the lines of a new Corvette or GT-40, then a new system from G-Comp or QA1 might be what you are looking for. 

No matter what your preference is in a truck suspension system, keep shopping with Speedway Motors because we have you covered in your need for speed.