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What more can be said about the Chevy 350 crate engine? It is only THE most ubiquitous internal combustion power plant in the universe, and with good reason. More Chevy 350 crate engines have been installed in race cars, hot rods, muscle cars, boats, or even industrial applications than probably any other engine. That’s not an exaggeration. Thousands of years from now, a future archaeological dig might just turn up a 350 Chevy crate engine.

It all started in 1955, when the small block Chevy eclipsed the Flathead Ford as America's sweetheart hot rod engine. The little 265 grew and grew up into the powerful 350 cubic inch small block v-8 in 1967. Sporting a 4" bore and a 3.48" stroke, the Chevy 350 had big engine power in the small block platform.

In the early days, it was common to take a 350 to the machine shop and have a used engine re-machined for rebuilding. As machine shop prices went up and up and the number of automotive machine shops dwindled. The real solution to this hot rodder’s dilemma was to produce a ready made, high performance Chevrolet 350 engine you could buy ready to go in a crate shipped to your door. The era of the Chevy 350 crate engine was born. It seemed there was a Chevy 350 crate engine for sale on every corner back in the day.

Chevy 350 crate engines, or 350 crate motors are now highly refined, and available in a wide range of completeness and horsepower ratings. Speedway Motors sells 350 crate motors in high compression, oval track racing trim  complete with solid lifter cams making up to 545 horsepower, to the 9.0:1 compression Hobby Stock crate engine that meets many oval track racing rules.

If you are looking for something more street/strip for your muscle car, street rod or hot rod, then we have that too. Maybe you would like a turn-key 350 Chevy crate engine from Chevrolet Performance complete with air cleaner, carb, ignition, air conditioning and power steering? Try part #35519431611.

350 Chevy crate engines can be had with hot rod goodies such as forged cranks and rods, forged pistons, hypereutectic pistons, custom balancing, hydraulic roller cams, dual quads just to name some of the neck snapping parts. In terms of completeness, well, you can get 350 Chevy crate engines turn key, in long block form, short block form and anything in between. Heck, we’ve even got stockers to haul wood in your old Chevy truck! If fuel injection is your cup of tea, check out the 32546613 from Edelbrock checking in at 380 horsepower. So if you’re looking for a 350 Chevy crate engine for sale, stop dreaming and start doing, we’ve got what you want!