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As the name would suggest, the Monte Carlo started as a European-inspired tourer from Chevy than other muscle-era offerings. The first-ever production year was the 1970 model, which included understated GT styling and strictly V8 power delivery to the rear wheels. The 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo was the car that delivered, delighting unsuspecting car buyers who were ready for something different. The Chevy Monte Carlo began its life as a grand tourer for the everyman but gradually evolved through the decades dipping its toes in a number of categories. As a classic American grand tourer, muscle car, and more, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo nameplate is a great jack-of-all-trades yet master of style.


The feel, stretch, and smell of the leather upholstery. The crackling blast of a stereo pumping out classic rock. The crisp precision of the turning wheel as you and your passenger cut through the evening golden hour. That’s what Monte Carlo evoked. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a classic grand tourer with an American spin whose classic design has been comfortable, reliable, and quick-paced as it chews through the miles. With great style, attitude, and classic design, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a car that stands out in the crowd. 

The Chevy Monte Carlo is a sophisticated sports car that is authentically American. The Chevy Monte Carlo began life as a grand tourer in 1970, offering style and performance at an affordable price. When NASCAR and other racing series started to hit their stride in the 80s and 90s, Chevrolet knew they had to have a piece of the action. Few cars have such a long history and so many changes over their lifetime as the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. From the British GT-inspired 1970 model to the presence of the mid-70s models, the T-tops of the 1985 year model, and the Chevy Monte Carlo SS of the last generation, Monte Carlo never rested complacently on its laurels. An iconic favorite for decades, the Chevy Monte Carlo has stood the test of time. It’s a powerful statement on the road.

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