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If you have or are contemplating a 235 Chevy Inline 6 performance engine, you are probably aware of some of its history. Dating back to 1929, the "Stovebolt '' 6, as it was called by it's affectionate owners, was created to compete with the Model A Ford. This 6 cylinder inline, with overhead valves was advertised as "A Six For the Price of a Four ''.

Well, the marketing worked, because sales were so good of the Chevy 6, it forced Henry Ford to scrap the model A and build the V-8 powered 32. One of the other popular names of the 235 Chevy inline 6 was the “Blue Flame Six''. Chevrolet used this term frequently to describe a “blue flame” as more complete combustion and proof that their design was superior.

Many of you probably know so much more than we have lightly covered on the famous Chevy 235 engine. It’s basic design remained similar to it’s predecessor, the 216. Known for durability and shocking power when modified, the venerable 235 was the first engine ever installed in America’s first sports car, the Corvette in 1953. With a lifespan of 33 years, the blue flame six has quite a reputation and following. With a healthy 3-7/8 bore and 3-1/4 stroke, the old 235 is a capable performer and beauty when dressed up.

Speedway Motors has been selling 235 Chevy inline 6 performance goodies since Bill Smith opened up Speedway Motors for business in 1952. The old blue flame is still burning today at Speedway. When you pop the hood and that finned aluminum Offy valve cover hits your eyes, then you look over at the three deuces on an Offenhauser manifold, you turn the key, and the exhaust flows out of those Fenton cast iron headers through dual Smithy glass packs, it’s music to the ears and candy to the eyes.

Chevy 235 performance build parts are readily available and on our shelves at Speedway Motors. Classic names like Offenhauser, Fenton, Pertronix, OTB Gear and Vintage Air are just a few of the choice goodies we keep for the venerable 235 Chevy blue flame 6. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choice in Chevy inline 6 performance parts. You want 2 deuces? You want tube headers? How about electronic fuel injection? Or an electronic ignition system? When it comes to combinations we’ve got you covered. When it comes to inventory, we’ve got the goods!

Why not treat that old blue flame with the respect it deserves and give it some pizzazz? If you’ve got a 53 Bel Air, 55 Chevy truck or car, maybe it’s a 62 Biscayne or perhaps you’ve got a stove bolt in your street rod.  Adding a few Chevy 235 inline performance parts goodies is a very gratifying experience. Don’t hesitate to click below and see the wide variety of Chevy 235 inline 6 goodies we have!