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AK Series, Advance Design, Task Force, Apache, C/K Series; these are the names of the greatest trucks ever built. They just happen to be from Chevrolet. Okay, we can’t leave out GMC in this lead in, because they have always been there standing along side their Chevy identical twins. The first Chevy pickup rolled off the line in 1918 and it’s been an American love affair ever since. We are endeared to our Chevy trucks. Sending classic Chevy truck parts off to the junkyard is unthinkable. All things old are new again, right? Speedway Motors can supply old Chevy truck parts along with the know-how to make that old Chevy better than new.

Heritage: Why Chevy Trucks Are the Best

Yes, it’s true that the first Chevy truck showed up in 1918. Since then, both the Chevy and GMC truck divisions went from strength-to-strength. However, there are a few models that deserve special mention for their superior design and utility: 

  • 47-55 Chevy Advance Design: This beautifully designed truck with it’s rounded body and fenders oozes nostalgia. Some models had a unique 5-window cab with little corner port windows at the back of the cab. Classic Chevy truck parts are widely available for this model. Speedway Motors has invested heavily in this truck to support aftermarket demand. The vintage chevy truck parts we offer for this model even includes an exclusive bolt together chassis! Our catalog is full of early classic Chevy truck parts for this marquis platform.
  • 55-59 Chevy Apache/Task Force: Chevrolet and GMC changed their designs across the board in 1955. Gone were the round, chubby fenders and in their place was an angular, muscular looking truck, highly similar in appearance to the '55 Chevy car. These trucks make awesome hot rods, stock restorations or even fire breathing street machines. Their menacing eye brows over their headlamps is a unique look. Speedway Motors offers a cornucopia of classic Chevrolet truck parts for these trucks including under bed fuel tanks, Mustang II front suspensions, power steering conversions, wood bed kits, and more.
  • 60-66 C/K Series: The 1960 Chevy and GMC trucks were radically different from their predecessor. Now called the C/K Series, these trucks had a longer, leaner look. Futuristic Space-Age design queues are present in the 1st Gen C/K Series, both inside and out. The '60 and '61 models can be identified by their unique hood eyebrows, with 1961 even having the venerable bow tie emblem in them. Speedway Motors offers many early classic old Chevy trucks parts for sale to serve this platform.
  • 67-72 C/K Series: Designers again changed the GMC and Chevrolet truck offerings for 1967, keeping them fresh and relevant. Gone was the angular styling and in was a new muscular, well-proportioned design. It was an instant hit. Today, the 2nd Gen C/K Series is one of the hottest trucks to modify and restore. We offer numerous classic Chevrolet truck parts for this platform including modern A/C conversions, lowering kits, disc brake conversions, and much more. Our old Chevy truck parts are sure to fit your needs, whether you're restoring or resto-modding.
  • 73-87 C/K Series: General Motors pulled all the stops out in 1973 and went with a clean-sheet design. If the 67-72 was considered square, this pickup was very square. These trucks are affectionately called the Square Body Chevy, for this reason. It’s body design would become the most popular ever, being produced for 14 years (18 years if you count the R/V Series)! If you need Chevy truck restoration parts for this ever-popular platform, Speedway Motors is the place.

When it comes to Chevy classic truck parts for sale, Speedway Motors delivers. We’ve been catering to classic truck enthusiasts since 1952. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams with our vintage Chevy truck parts and Chevy truck restoration parts. Keep on truckin’ with Speedway Motors.