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BluePrint Engines was started over 30 years ago in a small garage in central Nebraska by Norris Marshall. Passion for speed turned into a hobby, a job, and finally a career. In 1989 Norris Marshall started building engines for drag racers as a hobby. After building his own engine he realized that there was a bigger market for drag racing engines after watching a friend compete on TV with an engine that looked like it came from an aerospace company. That started Norris’ long run of building race engines for customers all over the world including drag strip events, overnight races at local county fairgrounds, road races, and custom road fordage stays built to customer specifications.

BluePrint Engines began over 30 years ago as a way to build racing engines for drag racing and street racing. BluePrint Engines' passion for speed has led to the creation of one of the most innovative and unique racing companies in the industry. Norris and his small team built engines using off-the-shelf parts purchased from local auto parts stores. Over the following decades, Norris grew the business into one of the top engine builders in the country with a reputation for quality and performance rarely matched by other custom engine builders today. Headquartered in the heartland of America from Kearney, Nebraska, Blueprint Engines designs and builds performance engines that work hard and play harder. BluePrint Engines can provide every customer a quality crate engine built in the U.S.A.

Blueprint crate engines are changing the way you think about products from engine builders. From the Heart of America, BluePrint Engines is a Nebraska-based company that specializes in the manufacture of high-performance racing and performance automobile engines. For decades, Blueprint has strived to provide its customers with the highest-quality engines and unparalleled customer service. That's why you'll find these high-performance crate engines in all kinds of vehicles from 4x4 off-road machines to airboats and kit cars to frame-off restorations. Choose from a huge selection of short and long blocks for Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler applications or get maximum value with some of the most competitive crate motors on the market. 

BluePrint Engines is a high-performance engine shop based in the U.S. They build some of the highest quality crate engines money can buy, from top to bottom. Unlike other crate engines, BluePrint Engines premium crate engines come complete with a fuel system, ignition system, and water and fuel pumps. Every BluePrint Engine is dyno-tested and balanced, and most engines are backed by a 30-month/50,000-mile warranty. At BluePrint Engines, you'll get a powerplant to fit all your needs, and budget. Your choice for a quality crate engine built in the U.S.A, our BPE engines can be shipped with all accessories needed to bolt it in and go!

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