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Car battery relocation is a project that is not just for hot rods and racecars anymore. Relocating your car battery from the engine bay to another area can be a great way to clean up your electrical system and improve the weight distribution in your car. More people than ever are using battery relocation kits to free up space in the engine compartment, provide more weight on the rear end of their vehicle for better traction, and to make room for other engine components.

It's not uncommon to see batteries in the back of cars. However what you might not know is that there is a good reason for this. In many cases, relocating the battery can have a positive affect on the performance of your car. A battery relocation kit is a great way to get rid of the big, heavy, and once-in-a-blue-moon dead weight under the hood. Once you’re done relocating a car battery, you’ll be amazed at how different the car handles, and how much room you have in your engine bay! The benefits of relocating your battery to the trunk is that it puts weight on the rear of the car. This allows for better weight transfer during acceleration. Also, a battery relocation kit will give you more room in the engine compartment.

Relocating the battery alongside a frame rail is a great option for trucks and custom cars. These battery relocation kits will keep the battery out of sight for those who want to clean up their engine bay by uncluttering it, or don't want to use up trunk space. The weight of the battery can significantly influence the handling of your vehicle. The batteries in most cars add weight to the nose of the car. A frame-mount battery relocation kit allows you to place the battery near the vehicle's center of gravity, increasing handling predictability and performance.

Relocating the battery to the trunk is a great performance upgrade on any car or truck. Relocating the battery is a relatively simple task if you have some basic mechanical skills and a few basic tools. Battery relocation kits are a cheap and easy modification that can make a drastic improvement to handling and acceleration.